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Coordinates: 60°1′22.9832″N 10°15′46.3972″E / 60.023050889°N 10.262888111°E / 60.023050889; 10.262888111

MS Thorbjørn at Utøykaia

Utøykaia, also called «Thorbjørnkaia», is a ferry landing in Tyrifjorden.[1] The ferry landing on the main land is located approximately 600 metres (2,000 ft) from the ferry landing at Utøya.[2] The pier is located about 450 meters south of the pier at Utvika Camping. The sign "Utøya" on the main road points to Utøykaia.[3]

MS Thorbjørn is normally moored at the pier.[1] During the Labour Youth League's annual summer camp, the vessel shuttles between Utøya and Utøykaia.[4]

It was from here Anders Behring Breivik got over to the Island during the 2011 Norway attacks.[5]



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