Utah Warriors (rugby union)

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Utah Warriors RUFC
Full name Utah Warriors Rugby Union Football Club
Union USA Rugby
Founded 2010
Ground(s) Unknown
CEO Sean Whalen
Coach(es) Jon Law
League(s) Rugby Super League
Official website

The Utah Warriors are an American rugby union team based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They joined the Rugby Super League beginning in the 2011 season.[1]

History and formation[edit]

The Rugby Super League (RSL) has received a formal request from a team representing the Utah Rugby Union to be part of the RSL for 2011.

The RSL, after due consideration and extensive talks with the relevant parties, has agreed to and accepted their participation for the upcoming season.

This new team will be made up of rugby players who currently play for clubs within the state of Utah as well as some players who play in other parts of the country.

Jon Law will be the head coach and local Utah entrepreneur Sean Whalen will oversee the teams operations.

“I’m excited at the level of talent that we’ve attracted to this team,” added Law. “With the strength in local talent, and the vision and motivation of this staff, we have created a top-notch team that can rival any team in the league. We are expecting great things from the Utah Warriors.”[citation needed]

Whalen and Law have attracted key players to the team such as US national players Mike Palefau and Jason Pye who is too injured to play on the national team. The team will have an active roster of more than 35 players. Utah Warrior marketing was done by SEOWerkz.

The RSL are very excited with Utah’s addition to the league as it heralds a new chapter in terms of membership to the RSL. Up to this the RSL has been made up of clubs with an established history so this is a major turning point for the league and Rugby in the United States.

On March 9, it was announced the Utah Warriors were dropped from the RSL because they failed to register their players by the deadline. All games against the Warriors will become byes for the remaining RSL teams.[2]


The team will have an active roster of over 35 players. So far they have signed Mike Palefau, John van der Giessen, and Jason Pye.

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