Utsira Lighthouse

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Utsira Lighthouse
Utsira fyr3.jpg
Utsira Lighthouse
Location Utsira, Norway
Year first lit 1844
Focal height 78.2 metres (257 ft)
Intensity 986,200 cd
Range 23 nmi

Utsira Lighthouse (Norwegian: Utsira fyr) is a coastal lighthouse in the municipality of Utsira in Rogaland, Norway. It was first lit in 1844, and listed as a protected site in 1999. It is the highest placed lighthouse in Norway, with an elevation of 78 metres (256 ft). From 2008 one of the lighthouse keeper's buildings has served as a tourist cabin.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 59°18′N 4°52′E / 59.300°N 4.867°E / 59.300; 4.867