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Logo Of Uttaran
Genre Drama
Written by Ajay
Directed by Ketan Dubey(Father)
Starring See Below
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 01
No. of episodes 1549[1]
Producer(s) Pintoo Guha
Rupali Guha
Distributor Film Farm India
Original channel Colors TV
Original run 1 December 2008 (2008-12-01) – 16 January 2015 (2015-01-16)
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Uttaran(English: Discarded / Second hand / (Already) Used) is an Indian soap opera that premiered on December 1, 2008 and aired Monday through Friday evenings on Colors TV through January 2015. The series is dubbed in Tamil as Sindhu Bhairavi on Raj TV and Valsalyam in Malayalam language on Surya TV. Uttaran follows two friends of different economic backgrounds: Ichcha, a maid's daughter and Tapasya, a rich daughter of Jogi Thakur.


The story revolves around Ichcha, Daughter of poor maid Damini (Vaishali Thakkar) and Tapasya Thakur, Daughter of rich father Jogi Thakur (Ayub Khan) who is kind-hearted and positive towards ichcha. Damini, who is widow soon learns that her husband was unfortunately killed in road accident, whose responsible was her owner Jogi Thakur. Damini claims that Jogi Thakur is a culprit of their life. Shocked, Thakur beggs her sorry and he promises her that he will give a same love and care to her daughter ichcha which tapasya has been provided. Ichcha who is tapasya's best friend and living in her discarded things (Uttaran) is equally loved by Thakur. Tapasya's mischievous grandmother Nani (Pratima Kazmi) is against of ichcha and damini, She dominates the poor peoples and also creates hate for ichcha in tapasya's mind. Tapasya starts feeling envy and uncomfortable of ichcha, who is loved by her parents. Tapasya creates many negative plans and conspiracy against ichcha. In this chaos, Both spends their childhood in Haveli. When, tapasya (Rashmi Desai) is young, Thakur plans for her marriage with Rich handsome boy Veer Singh Bundela (Nandish Sandhu). Tapasya pretends to be happy but actually she is in love with her boyfriend Sid. She doesn't prefer Veer So, She offers ichcha (Tina Dutta) to date veer everyday instead of her. Ichcha who works in 'Damini Pathsala', teaching the poor children's of basti meets veer as a friend. But; gradually Veer finds himself madly fallen in love for ichcha, So one day he purposes ichcha infront of tapasya's family. Damini forces veer to be away from ichcha's life, but veer can't. Anotherside, Tapasya is happy for Veer and Ichcha. When thakur accepts veer's purposal, Both ichcha and veer are united. But, Veer's families are against of ichcha, for only she is a daughter of poor maid. Veer fights for his love even with his grandfather Dadda ji. Oneday, At Veer and ichcha's arrangement tapasya reaches in the party in Veer's house. She is temptated of his huge mansion and jealous of happiness of ichcha so, She regrets herself. Nani tries to make tapasya happy, and destruct ichcha's life. According to Nani's negative ideas and thoughts, Tapasya breaks her relation with sid and tries her bests to break ichcha and veer's marriage. But, she is unsuccess. On the wedding day, tapasya tries to attempt suicide. Nani and puskhar saves her. Tapasya cries she will die without veer. Ichcha is forced to surrender her love to passionate tapasya. Fraudly, tapasya gets married with veer. Ichcha is devastated. When Veer learns he is married to tapasya he is shocked and furious. Where, Veer's mother Gunwanti is proud of tapasya. Veer never accepted the relation. Many accidents and incidents happens in their lives. In medium states, Tapasya is married to Raghuvendra pratap rathore (Gaurav Chopra) and has a daughter named Mukta (Sreejita De) but to regret her sins tapasya is far from her family. Ichcha is widowed by the death of her first husband Vansh (Rohit khurrana), elder and pshyco brother of veer. After many chaos, Veer and Ichcha are married and has 3 kids Meethi (Tina dutta), yuvraj and kanha (Adopted Son). On the day of holi, Uncle of kanha, Avinash chatterji tries to kill veer to take revenge for adopting his Kanha. Ichcha saves veer and kills avinash. Nani reports to cops and ichcha is arrested. She is prisoned for 18 years. Veer loses his memories after the incident and is married to Amla, a simple village girl, But veer isn't satisfied of her. Damini looks after meethi and kanha, where yuvraj in grewn up in veer's house. Everyone's lives takes various turning points. After many years, Veer and Ichcha are re-united. Unfortunately one day ichcha dies in road accident, Before she dies she wanted to provide her heart to tapasya, who is admitted in same hospital for heart transplant sith she is shooted from Tej Singh Bundela. Tapasya is alive because of ichcha's precious heart-beats. Nani and Gunwanti realizes their faults. Meethi who hates her mother starts missing her. Yuvi is in jail for raping mukta.



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