Uusinta Chamber Ensemble

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Uusinta Chamber Ensemble

Uusinta Chamber Ensemble is a Finnish ensemble of contemporary music, founded in 1998. Its basic line-up consists of a wind trio and a piano quintet, with occasional added instruments. As of 2013, the group applies the name Uusinta Ensemble.[1]

Apart from its native Finland, Uusinta has performed in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Austria, France and Spain. In the earlier years, the main focus of the ensemble was on contemporary Finnish music and its composers, but Uusinta has vastly widened its repertoire during recent years. The ensemble comprises musicians from Finland's main orchestras FRSO and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as a few freelance musicians. Uusinta Ensemble's artistic director is the composer Ville Raasakka.

Uusinta has commissioned and premiered a lot of new works. The number of premiere performances has surpassed 100 (as of 2011).[2] During 2009-2010, Uusinta were part of the Re:new music organization, in which 22 orchestras and ensembles from 11 European countries formed a bank of contemporary music works, and performed works from each other's repertoire.[3] Uusinta Ensemble has collaborated with several other ensembles, such as the French Ensemble Aleph, the German-Icelandic Ensemble Adapter and the Spanish Ensemble Espai Sonor.



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