Uyirile Kalanthathu

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Uyirile Kalanthathu
Uyirile Kalanthathu poster.jpg
Directed by K. R. Jaya
Produced by Mutham Sivakumar
Written by K. R. Jaya
Starring Suriya
Music by Deva
Cinematography Selva. R
Edited by B. Lenin
V. T. Vijayan
Sri Abayambika Films
Release dates
September 29, 2000
Running time
149 mins
Country India
Language Tamil

Uyirile Kalanthathu is a 2000 Tamil film directed by Jaya which stars Suriya, Raghuvaran and Jyothika in the lead roles, with Sivakumar and Radhika in supporting roles. The film opened in September 2000 to negative reviews from critics and became a disaster. The film has been dubbed into Hindi under the title Suryabhai MBBS.


Surya plays the role of a medical college student and Jyotika is his girlfriend. Surya's father's role (played by his father in real life, Sivakumar) whilst Raghuvaran plays his elder brother, who is the collector of the district. Surya is the youngest son of the family and this gives much heartburn to elder brother Raghuvaran. Their rivalry begins from childhood and can be illustrated by the scene where the elder brother pinches his baby brother just to see him cry. The jealousy grows into adulthood. His whole aim in life is to see that Surya's life is beset with problems, thanks to him. However, Surya and his parents are blissfully unaware of the jealousy that has possessed Raghuvaran. When he discovers the love between Surya and Jyotika he passes on the word to Jyotika's elder brother who is a known rowdy around the area. He does this thinking that the rowdy would manage to beat up Surya and perhaps separate both Surya and Jyotika. This plan backfires, when the rowdy is more than happy to get them both married because more than anything, he cares about his sister's happiness. Raghuvaran then pushes Surya over a cliff edge.

The rest of the movie is about whether Raghuvaran will find the love and care that he has always yearned for from his parents. Later, in the court Surya is revealed to be alive and he unites with his family as well as Jyothika, and his brother is sent for treatment.



The shooting for the film progressed in Chennai, Bangalore and Mysore among other places. The film marked the debut of K.R. Jaya as director, while it was also the first production venture of Abayambika films. Mutham Sivakumar who was the manager to 'Sivashakti' Pandian produced his first independent venture with the film, while playing a crucial role in the film.[1] Jyothika signed on to pair with Suriya again before the release of their maiden venture together, Poovellam Kettuppar.[2]


A reviewer from Sify described the venture as "strong and so far unexplored theme about sibling rivalry and superb acting" but claimed that "the unwarranted twist in the end has somewhat reduced the impact". The reviewer claims that the performances of Sivakumar and Radhika "score over everyone else", while Raghuvaran and Surya also "shine", but is critical of Jyothika saying she "should replenish fast her dwindling stock of expressions".[3] The performance won further film offers for Surya.[4]

Deva won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Music Director in 2000 for his work in the film along with his work in Kushi and Sanditha Velai.[5] The film won the second runner-up prize in the award ceremony for Best Family Film, finishing behind Budget Padmanabhan and Mugavaree.


Uyirile Kalanthathu
Soundtrack album by Deva
Released 2000
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label The Best Audio

The soundtrack of the film was composed by Deva.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Sainthathu Kanne"   S. P. Balasubrahmanyam 4:54
2. "Uyire Uyire Alzaithathenna"   Hariharan, Sujatha Mohan 5:31
3. "Kannal Vandu"   Shankar Mahadevan 5:59
4. "Husaine Husaine"   Sukhwinder Singh, Subha 5:31
5. "Deva Deva Devathaiye"   Hariharan, Harini 5:25
6. "Coca Cola Pole"   Deva, Sabesh 4:30