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The snout moth genus Uzeda is synonymized with Idnea.

Uzeda is a Sicilian math rock group founded in 1987, consisting of lead singer Giovanna Cacciola, guitarists Agostino Tilotta and Giovanni Nicosia, bassist Raffaele Gulisano and drummer Davide Oliveri. Steve Albini recorded three of their records. Nicosia left the band in 1995.

After the live tour promoting Different Section Wires, the band went on a lengthy hiatus, and Cacciola and Tilotta subsequently formed Bellini, along with drummer Damon Che from Don Caballero. During this period, Oliveri and Gulisano recorded the 2001 album Aria with Gianna Nannini, as well as music for Enzo D' Alò's animated cartoon Momo alla conquista del tempo.

In 2006, Uzeda came back with a new album, Stella.


  • Giovanna Cacciola - vocals
  • Agostino Tilotta - guitar
  • Giovanni Nicosia - guitar
  • Raffaele Gulisano - bass
  • Davide Oliveri - drums


  • Out of Colours, 1991, A.V. Arts
  • Waters, 1993, A.V. Arts
  • The Peel Sessions, 1994, Strange Fruit
  • 4, 1995, Touch and Go
  • Different Section Wires, 1998, Touch and Go
  • Stella, 2006, Touch and Go

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