Uzeyir Mammadli

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Uzeyir Mammadli
Born (1987-08-26)26 August 1987
Barda, Azerbaijan
Nationality Azerbaijani
Alma mater Baku State University
Organization N!DA Civic Movement

Uzeyir Mammadli (Azerbaijani: Üzeyir Məmmədli, born on August 26, 1987, Barda) is a youth activist and co-founder of N!DA Civic Movement. He was arrested on March 30, 2013 a few days after the protests held in Baku against the non-combat deaths in the military.[1][2] Mammadli is accused in preparing the riots during the protests. International human rights organization, Amnesty International recognized him as a prisoner of conscience.[3]


In 2004, Mammadli was graduated from a state secondary school located in Mollalı village in Barda where he was born and grown up. In the same year, he moved to Baku to continue his education. He gained a BSc in Law degree from Baku State University in 2008. Mammadli completed his one-year compulsory military service in July 2009.[4]


Uzeyir Mammadli is one of the young people who participated in the establishment of Nida Civic Movement. He was elected to the board of the movement for several times. At the same time, he was a representative of N!DA in the Committee for Protection of Youth Rights.


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