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Royndin Fríða, one of the boats of Vágs Kappróðrarfelag.

Vágs Kappróðrarfelag (Vágur Rowing Club) is a Faroese rowing club from the village Vágur in Suðuroy, which was founded in July 1943.[1]l

Boats for Rowing Competitions[edit]

Rowing competition at Jóansøka in Vágur in June 2010. Royndin Fríða is the white and black boat. They won this competition.[2]
The stem of Smyril has the shape of the bird Merlin (Smyril is the Faroese word for Merlin).

Every summer there are several rowing competitions around the islands, starting with the Norðoyastevna in Klaksvík and ending in Tórshavn at the Ólavsøka on 28 July. Vágs Kappróðrarfelag has boats in different sizes. There are competitions for different categories: The children have their own rowing competitions in 5-mannafar. Boys U-18 in 5-mannafar, Girls U-18 in 5-mannafar, Women in 5-mannafar, Men in 6-mannafar, Men in 8-mannafar and Men in 10-mannafar.

The Boats of Vágs Kappróðrarfelag[edit]

10-mannafar - Boats for 10 Rowers

8-mannafar - Boats for 8 Rowers

  • Toftaregin, built in 1934. It was in bad shape some years ago. It was restored by Jóannes í Ósagarð and Asbjørn Muller from Vágur.[3]

6-mannafar - Boats for 6 Rowers

5-mannafar - Boats for 6 Rowers 5-mannafar has the same number of rowers, but the boats are smaller than 6-mannafar.

Faroese Champions[edit]

Rowing is a very old tradition in the Faroe Islands, and rowing competitions go back a long time. But in the old days it was more for fun and not organized in competitions. In 1973 the regular rowing competitions, which are called Faroese Championships in Rowing (FM) started in the Faroe Islands. The Faroese name for these competitions is FM, short for Føroyameistaraheitið. Since 1973 Vágs Kappróðrarfelag has won 5 Faroese Championships:[5]

  • 1980 Vágbingur, 10-mannafør for men.
  • 1982 Smyril, 6-mannafør for women.
  • 1994 Royndin Fríða, 5-mannafør for boys.
  • 2002 Smyril, 6-mannafør for men.
  • 2003 Smyril, 6-mannafør for men.


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