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Orfalău, Varfalău
Reformed church in Stejeriș
Reformed church in Stejeriș
Location of Comuna MoldoveneştiVárfalva község
Location of Comuna Moldoveneşti
Várfalva község
Coordinates: 46°29′55″N 23°40′13″E / 46.49861°N 23.67028°E / 46.49861; 23.67028Coordinates: 46°29′55″N 23°40′13″E / 46.49861°N 23.67028°E / 46.49861; 23.67028
Country Romania
County Cluj County
Component villages Bădeni, Moldoveneşti, Pietroasa, Plăieşti, Podeni, Stejeriş
 • Mayor Paul Kanyaro (since 2004) (UDMR)
 • Total 139 km2 (54 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 3,246
 • Density 23/km2 (60/sq mi)
Website Moldoveneşti on the Cluj County Council website (Romanian)

Moldoveneşti (formerly Orfalău and Varfalău; Hungarian: Várfalva; German: Burgdorf) is a commune in Cluj County, Romania, 12 km southwest of Turda, in the valley of the Arieş.


The oldest record about the ancient castle at the village is from 1075, calling the place Castrum Turda (the old Turda Castle). During the Tatar invasions of Hungary in the 13th Century, most of the area around the castle was ravaged. Later, the land was given to free Székelys who moved here from the Saschiz region and the territory became part of Aranyos Seat.


The commune was renamed Moldoveneşti in the interwar period, in honour of Ioan Micu Moldovan. The previous name, Varfalău, is derived from Várfalva, which means "village of the castle" in Hungarian.

Component villages[edit]

The commune is composed of six villages:

In Romanian In Hungarian Ethnic majority
Bădeni Bágyon Hungarians
Moldoveneşti Várfalva Hungarians
Pietroasa Csegez Romanians
Podeni Székelyhidas Romanians
Plăieşti Kövend Hungarians
Stejeriş Kercsed Hungarians

Vălenii de Arieş (formerly Rachişul de Arieş or for short Rachiş; Aranyosrákos; Krebsbach) was a separate village until 1966, when it was absorbed into Moldoveneşti village.


At the 2011 census, 56.6% of inhabitants were Hungarians, 39.6% Romanians and 3.8% Roma.

Famous natives[edit]


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