Vâlsan River (Argeș)

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Vâlsan River
Countries Romania
Counties Argeş County
 - left Zănoguţa,
Râul Cheii
 - right Izvorul Dimei,
Izvorul Popii,
Villages Brădetu
Mouth Argeş
 - location Căpăţânenii Pământeni

The Vâlsan River is a tributary of the Argeş River in Romania.

The Vâlsan River originates in the Făgăraş mountains, where its source is a trough-shaped glacial hollow located between the Picuiata and Scărişoara Mare mountains. The river flows for a mere 84.6 kilometers. Its course runs parallel to the Argeş River. The Vâlsan River's mouth is located at Merişani.[1]

In 1967 the Vâlsan's course was altered significantly by the construction of a reservoir and a hydroelectric plant.[1]

Haven for a Fish Species[edit]

The Vâlsan, although a minor river in comparison to other European rivers, is of vital importance. This is because of the fact that it is one of the few rivers that supports the fish species Romanichthys valsanicola. This species is endemic to Romania and the Danube basin. The species is regarded the most endangered species of European ichthyofauna given its small habitat range and low surviving numbers.[1]


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