Västra Nyland

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Västra Nyland
Type newspaper published 6 times per week
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Västra Nylands Tidningar Ab
Editor Tommy Westerlund
Founded 1881
Language Swedish
Headquarters Ekenäs
Official website www.vastranyland.fi

Västra Nyland is a regional Swedish-language newspaper in Finland. Its headquarters are located in Ekenäs. The name of the newspaper translates into "The western part of the Nyland region (of Finland)", this region also being the area where the newspaper is circulated. The newspaper is informally called Västis.

Västra Nyland was founded in 1881 by Theodor Neovius, and the first edition was published on 7 October the same year. Currently the newspaper has a circulation of about 11,000.

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