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A stone ship at Vätteryd

Coordinates: 56°00′59″N 13°40′03″E / 56.0164°N 13.6676°E / 56.0164; 13.6676 The Vätteryd grave field (Swedish: Vätteryds gravfält), also known as Vätterydshed, is an Iron Age grave field in Hässleholm Municipality in the Swedish province of Scania. It is located in a heathfield between the localities of Tjörnarp and Sösdala.

The grave field consists of 183 menhirs, 15 stone ships - the largest 25 m long and 8 m wide - and 2 circles. Many of the stone ships are so damaged that all that remains are parts smaller than half the original size.[1]

In the beginning of the 19th century, Vätteryd, with about 600 menhirs, was considered the largest grave field in Scandinavia. The research conducted between 1955 and 1957 made clear that the site had been a place of cremation burials. The grave goods found - such as bronze jewelry, glass and bronze pearls, and bronze wire - were taken to various museums in Stockholm.


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