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Vṛddhi (Sanskrit: वृद्धि, IPA: [ˈʋr̩d̪d̪ʰi]) is a Sanskrit word meaning "growth"[1] (from Proto-Indo-European *werdh "to grow"[2]). In Panini's grammar, it is also a technical term for a group of long vowels. In Indo-European linguistics, it has become a term for the lengthened grade of the ablaut vowel gradation peculiar to the Indo-European languages. A vṛddhi-derivation is a word that is derived by such lengthening, a type of formation very common in Sanskrit, but also attested in other languages.


  1. ^ In Sanskrit, it's a -ti-nomen actionis formed from the verbal root vṛdh-/vardh- `to grow'.
  2. ^ *werdh `to grow' entry at Indo-European etymological database of The Tower of Babel project