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V1, V01 or V-1 can refer to version one (for anything) (e.g., see version control)

V1, V01 or V-1 may also refer to:

In aircraft[edit]

  • V1 speed, the maximum speed at which an aircraft pilot may abort a takeoff without causing a runway overrun
  • Fokker V.1, a German parasol monoplane experimental fighter prototype, built in 1916. The V is for versuchs or experimental.
  • Vultee V-1, an American single-engine airliner of the 1930s. The V is for the manufacturer, Vultee.
  • V-1 flying bomb or buzzbomb, a World War II German weapon. The V is for Vergeltungswaffe, or "vengeance weapon".

In vessels[edit]

In anatomy[edit]

In entertainment and media[edit]

  • Virgin1, the 2007–2010 name of the British television channel Channel One (which ceased to exist in 2011)

In linguistics[edit]

In places[edit]

In science[edit]

  • ATC code V01 Allergens, a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System

In technology[edit]

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