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Vladimir Ilich Lenin Higher Party School was a university level education institution that existed in Albania during the period of Communist rule.[1] The school was accessible to all who had finished high school education. Many of the students were already graduates in other fields in other institutions of higher education in Albania. The one criterion for admission was loyalty to the Party. The studies for a student lasted two years, without having to face exams or other academic testing, nor a final thesis or exam whatsoever. All the classes were about Marxist-Leninist indoctrination, Communist Party history and similar.

The last Director (Rector, Chancellor) of the School was Nexhmije Hoxha, the widow of Enver Hoxha, herself without a formal higher education. Previous directors include Fiqrete Shehu.[2]

Students were given a two-year scholarship (the duration of the studies) of 800 Albanian lek per month. This was nearly twice the salary of a factory worker and nearly thrice the salary of a peasant worker. For the duration of their studies, the students were given free housing for themselves and any family.

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