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Not to be confused with Venu Ravichandran, a Tamil film producer.
V. Ravichandaran
Born (1961-05-30) 30 May 1961 (age 53)
Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
Residence Judicial Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Film actor, director, producer, editor, screenwriter, music director, lyricist
Years active 1981–present
Spouse(s) Sumathy (m. 1986)
Children 3
Parents N. Veerasami (Father)
Pattammal (Mother)

Veeraswamy Ravichandaran or V. Ravichandaran (Kannada: ವಿ .ರವಿಚಂದ್ರನ್; born 30 May 1961) is an Indian actor, director, producer, music director, editor and lyricist who primarily works in the Kannada film industry. He is the son of notable film producer N. Veerasami. As a producer, he continues to run his father's production house, "Sri Eswari Productions", which produces his own films.

Majorly credited for his technical excellence, high degree of quality, precise approach, apt selections of subjects whether it is straight or remakes and always vouching for a pleasant atmosphere in films, Ravichandran has been in the industry for 20 years with many firsts to his credit.[1] He is fondly and popularly known as the "Crazy Star" of Kannada cinema.[2] He is an alumnus of NPS Rajajinagar.

Film career[edit]

As an actor[edit]

Ravichandran started his film career in the early 1980s and acted in many movies produced by his father and grandfather along with well-known actors of the Kannada industry, including Vishnuvardhan, Ambarish, Prabhakar and Rajesh. His first movie was Khadeema Kallaru(as one of the villan). Ravichandran's initial movies were box-office hits.[citation needed] His major commercial success as a leading actor prior from Premaloka, a romantic comedy movie starring Juhi Chawla in the female lead role.[3] Post-Premaloka, Ravichandran starred in several hits, most notably Ranadheera (which was a remake of Subhash Ghai's Hero), Anjada Gandu, Yuddha Kaanda, Ramachaari, Halli Meshtru, Gadibidi Ganda, Annayya, Sipayi, Yaare Neenu Cheluve, Mangalyam Tantunanena Preethsod Tappa and Malla. Ravichandran best pairs with South Indian actress Kushboo.

His role as a mentally challenged adult in Ramachaari won him critical praise[not specific enough to verify] and was featured at the Ontario Film Festival. He has stuck to mostly stereotyped roles: a police officer (Shanti Kranti and Abhimanyu), lover (Premaloka, Anjada Gandu, and Preethsod Tappa), pop singer (Yuga Purusha, and Gadibidi Ganda), rustic Sipayi, Halli Meshtru, and Malla, and lawyer (Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara and Yudha Kaanda). He continues to act and has a few projects awaiting release.

He persuaded Chiranjeevi to play a guest role in Sipayi. He introduced Juhi Chawla in his 1987 movie Premaloka before she showed up in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988). Poonam Dhillon paired with Ravichandran in Yuddha Kaanda.

Ravichandran has introduced a number of actresses from other parts of Indian cinema to Kannada cinema, including Juhi Chawla, Kushboo, Mohini and Shilpa Shetty.[citation needed] Ravichandran also got 5 awards.

As director[edit]

Ravichandran shot to instant fame when Premaloka, which he produced, directed, and starred in, became one of the landmark films in Kannada film history. It was made with a budget of a crore rupees, the most expensive Kannada film in its time. It starred Juhi Chawla as the female lead. Also Vishnuvardhan, Ambarish, Tiger Prabhakar and other superstars of that period played guest role in the movie.

Premaloka also established Hamsalekha, who would teamed up with Ravichandran for a long period and gave consistently popular music for the next 10 years.

Premaloka broke several records and defined much of Ravichandran's later film making. It set the stage for lavish productions in the Kannada film industry, and inspired a generation of directors. Ravichandran is generally credited with introducing a culture of producing big-budget films in Kannada.

Ravichandran initially acted in and directed movies produced by his own banner, Eswari Productions. After Premaloka, he accepted acting offers from other producers. He has worked with directors of the Kannada film industry such as S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu and D. Rajendra Babu.

His association with director D. Rajendra Babu has resulted in several hits including Naanu Nanna Hendthi, Annayya, Ramachaari, Yaare Neenu Cheluve and Sriramachandra. However all these films were remakes.

He has also remade a few hit Telugu and Bollywood movies in Kannada.

Ravichandran is close friends with producer Rockline Venkatesh, with whom he worked on Yaare Neenu Cheluve, Nanu Nanna Hendthiru, Preethsod Thappa and Ondagona Baa.

Ravichandran is known to be a perfectionist and artists recall him re-shooting a single scene or sequence until it was perfect. He is known to have shot entire sequences again after the first cuts of the movie failed to satisfy him. However, after a lean patch in the late 1990s, Ravichandran is said to have made amends to this and churned out quickies.[citation needed]

As producer[edit]

Ravichandran first movie as a producer is not from his father company, he started his own company(Ravi Cine Creation)and produced "Prema Matsara" he announced the date of release with list of theatre on the Muhurth day itself. The movie turned out a break even financially for him.The second movie he produced was "Kadima Kallaru" and also appeared in a small role for the first time and this was his first movie as actor. It was financial disaster in the box office. Then he produced "Chakravuya"starring rebel star ambarish and the interesting point was the story was rejected by Puttana Kanagal and Dr.Rajkumar etc. This movie turned out one of the biggest hit of the decade and then he remade this movie in Hindi starring Amitabh Bachchan and Sridevi (Inqilaab).

Ravichandran is known to produce very expensive movies in an industry that has a limited market. Premaloka was the costliest movie of its time. Although his later films were comparatively less expensive, their budgets exceeded that of other Kannada films by several lakhs of rupees.

In 1991, Ravichandran released Shanti Kranti,[4] the costliest movie ever made in South India till then. Considered his magnum opus, the film was shot over four years with a budget of 40 million rupees, and was simultaneously made in Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil. Shanti Kranti turned out to be a huge failure at the box office.

Ravichandran also released another film the same year. Made with a modest[clarification needed] budget, Ramachaari, the remake of Tamil blockbuster Chinna Thambi, became one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.

Music director[edit]

Ravichandran is credited with "discovering" the talented Hamsalekha. Together, they worked in over 50 films and created several popular numbers. However, the duo parted company after Preethsod Thappa, only to work again in Ondagona Baa, which was a commercial and musical failure. In Hamsalekha's absence, Ravichandran took up the role of a music director and created a few popular tunes in Ekangi and Aham Premasmi. But critics generally consider him a below average music director. He also got a state award as the best musical director.

Ravichandran started his own audio company, Eswari Audio which later was renamed into Eshwari Entertainments. For his brother's debut movie, Aham Premaasmi, he bypassed the entire music industry and sold the music cassettes through cable operators to beat piracy and brought " Digital Grading " Technology to Kannada Film Industry and also brought color technicians from abroad.


As music director[edit]

As Director[edit]

Film Year Notes At the box office Awards
Premaloka 1987 Inspire From Grease 2 All Time Blockbuster
Ranadheera 1987 Remake of Hindi film Hero Super Hit
Kindari Jogi 1989 Average
Shanti Kranti 1991 Film made in 3 Languages(Kannada, Telugu & Tamil Telugu- Naagarjuna.Tamil- Rajanikanth) Flop
Gopi Krishna 1992 Average
Mane Devru 1993 Super Hit
Chinna 1994 Average
Putnanja 1995 Hit remake of Tamil film Pattikada Pattanama
Sipaayi 1996 Guest appearance from Telugu Star Chiranjeevi -Different publicity & Started Eshwari audios Super Hit
Kalavida 1997 First Dolby Stereo Average
Cheluva 1997 Remake of Hello Brother Hit
Mommaga 1998 First Dolbby surround sound. Flop
Preethsod Thappa 1998 Remake of Ninne Pelladata (1996) Super Hit
O Nanna Nalle 2000 Average
Ekangi 2002 Indias second movie with EFX Sound mixing- Reshooted & Released in the same week after first version gone flop Flop
Kodandarama 2002 remake of Thenkaasi pattanam Average
Malla 2004 First time Ravi worked with Raamu. Kalari payattu introduced. Producer Ramu but more than half money produced by Ravi because of the production delay Blockbuster
Aham Premasmi 2005 Flop
Hatavadi 2006 Average
Hoo 2011 Flop
Krazy Star 2014 Remake of Malayalam film Traffic Flop
Manjina Hani 2014 still under going shooting - already second time reshooting entire movie

As an actor[edit]

Year No Film Director Music Director Co-Stars Notes
1982 1 Khadeema Kallaru Vijay Shankar Ganesh Ambareesh, Prabhakar, Jayamala
1983 2 Chakravyuha Somashekar V Shankar Ganesh Ambareesh, Ambika
1984 3 Pralayanthaka Subbarao B Shankar Ganesh Bhavya
4 Premigala Savaal Somashekar V Rajan Nagendra Archana
5 Nane Raja C V Rajendran Shankar Ganesh ambarish, ambika
1985 6 Saavira Sullu Subbarao B Shankar Ganesh Radha, Manjula
7 Pitha Maha M. Ranga Rao, Upendra Kumar
8 Asambhava D. Rajendra Babu Shankar Ganesh Ambika
9 Swaabhimaana D. Rajendra Babu Shankar Ganesh Mahalakshmi
1986 10 Nanu Nanna Hendthi D. Rajendra Babu Shankar Ganesh Urvashi
11 Baa Nana Preethisu Siddalingaiah Rajan-Nagendra
12 Ramanna Shamanna Subbarao B S. P. Balasubrahmanyam ambarish, Madhavi
1987 13 Premaloka V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Juhi Chawla, Urvashi,ambi,vishnu,prabakar
14 Ranadheera V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Kushboo Remake of Hindi film Hero
15 Sangrama K. V. Raju Hamsalekha Bhavya Remake of Hindi film Arjun
1988 16 Anjada Gandu Renukasharma Hamsalekha Kushboo Remake of Thambikku Entha Ooru
17 Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara Ambreesh,Ananthnag
1989 18 Yuga Purusha D. Rajendra Babu Hamsalekha Kushboo, Moon Moon Sen remake of hindi film Karz
19 Kindari Jogi V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Juhi Chawla
20 Yuddha Kaanda K. V. Raju Hamsalekha Poonam Dhillon remake of hindi film Meri Jung
21 Poli Huduga Ravi Kottarakararaaj Hamsalekha
1990 22 Bannada Gejje S V Rajendra Singh Hamsalekha Amala, Vani Viswanath
23 Abhimanyu Ravi Kottarakararaaj vasanth kumar s r Seetha
1991 24 Shanti Kranti V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Juhi Chawla, Kushboo
25 Ramachaari D. Rajendra Babu Hamsalekha Malashri remake of tamil film Chinna Thambi
1992 26 Halli Meshtru Mohan-Manju Hamsalekha Bindiya, Silk Smitha remake of tamil film Mundhanai Mudichu
27 Gopi Krishna V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Roopini
28 Guru Brahma Hamsalekha Sukanya
29 Chikkejamanru Om Saiprakash Hamsalekha Gowthami remake of Chinna Gounder
30 Srirama Chandra D. Rajendra Babu Hamsalekha Mohini remake of tamil film Kalyanaraman
1993 31 Gadibidi Ganda Reddy V S Hamsalekha Roja, Ramya Krishnan remake of telugu film Allari Mogudu
32 Mane Devru V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Sudha Rani remake of tamil film Mouna Geethangal
33 Annayya S V Rajendra Singh Hamsalekha Madhu Bala remake of tamil film Enga Chinna Rasa
1994 34 Chinna V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Yamuna
35 Rasika Dwarakish Hamsalekha Banu Priya, Shruti
36 Jaana Shivamani Hamsalekha Kasthuri, Shruti, Anjana
1995 37 Putnanja V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Meena remake of tamil film Pattikada Pattanama
1996 38 Sipaayi V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Soundarya, Chiranjeevi
1997 39 Kalavida V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Heera, Roja
1998 40 Mommaga V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Meena
41 Mangalyam Tantunanena V. S. Reddy V. Manohar Ramya Krishnan remake of Pavitra Bandham
42 Cheluva V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Gowthami, Meena remake of telugu film Hello brother
43 Preethsod Thappa V. Ravichandran Hamsalekha Shilpa Shetty remake of telugu film Ninne Pelladata
44 Yaare Neenu Cheluve D. Rajendra Babu Hamsalekha Sangita, Heera Rajgopal remake of tamil film Kadhal Kottai
1999 45 Naanu Nanna Hendthiru Reddy V S V. Ravichandran Soundarya, Prema remake of Thaaikulame Thaaikulame
46 Ravimama S. Narayan Chaitanya Nagma remake of Aaj Ka Arjun
47 Sneha Reddy V S V. Ravichandran Rashi, Ramya Krishnan remake of Telugu film Snehithulu
48 O Premave Naganna V. Ravichandran Rambha remake of Premante Idera
49 Chora Chitta Chora V. Ravichandran V. Ravichandran Namrata Shirodkar, Malavika remake of Allari Priyudu
2000 50 Mahatama H Vasu V. Ravichandran Shruti
51 Preethsu Tappenilla V. Ravichandran Rachana remake of Tholi Prema
52 O Nanna Nalle V.Ravichandran V. Ravichandran Isha Koppikar remake of Thulladha Manamum Thullum
2001 53 Pramakke Sai A. Kodandarami Reddy Manisharma Shahin remake of Chirunavvutho
54 Kanasugara Karan Rajesh Ramnath Prema, Anu Prabhakar remake of tamil film Unnidathil Ennai Koduthen
55 Usire A. K. Prabhu Ilayaraja Rachana Banerjee remake of tamil film Bharathi Kannamma
2002 56 Preethi Maado Hudugarigella R C Ranga Sira Hamsalekha
57 Ekangi V. Ravichandran V. Ravichandran Ramya Krishnan
58 Kodandarama' V. Ravichandran V. Ravichandran Sakshi Sivanand remake of Thenkasi Pattanam
2003 59 Ondagona Baa Udhaya Shankar Hamsalekha Shilpa Shetty remake of Kalisundam Raa
2004 60 Malla V. Ravichandran V. Ravichandran Priyanka
61 Ramakrishna Om Saiprakash S A Rajkumar jaggesh, Kalyani remake of Aan Paavam
62 Sahukara Om Prakash Rao Rajesh Ramnath Vishnuvardhan, Rambha, Anu Prabhakar
2005 63 Aham Premasmi V. Ravichandran V. Ravichandran
64 Paandu Ranga Vittala Dinesh Baboo V. Ravichandran Prema, Rambha, Shruti
2006 65 Ravi Shastri' M S Rajashekar Rajesh Ramnath Sneha remake of Idhu Namma Aalu
66 Hatavadi V. Ravichandran V. Ravichandran Radhika
67 Odahuttidavalu Om Saiprakash R. P. Patnayak Rakshita remake of Porkaalam
2007 68 Ugadi Om Saiprakash R. P. Patnayak Jennifer Kotwal, Kamna Jethmalani Remake of telugu film Santosham
2008 69 Nee Tata Naa Birla Nagendra Magadi Gurukiran
2009 70 Rajkumari S Govindu V. Harikrishna remake of Anandha Poongatre
2010 71 Neelakanta Om Saiprakash V. Ravichandran Namitha remake of Aranmanai Kili
72 Naariya Seere Kadda Annayya P V. Manohar Nikitha, Naveen Krishna, Harshika Poonacha
2011 73 Hoo V. Ravichandran V. Ravichandran Namitha remake of Priyamana Thozhi
74 Mallikarjuna S. Muralimohan S. A. Rajkumar Sadha remake of Thavasi
75 Kalla Malla Sulla Udaya Prakash Alex Paul Ragini Dwivedi remake of Charlie Chaplin
2012 76 Narasimha Mohan Shankar Hamsalekha Nikesha Patel remake of Maayi
77 Dashamukha Ravi Srivatsa V. Sridhar Anant Nag, Devaraj, Avinash
78 Crazy Loka Kavitha Lankesh Manikanth Kadri Daisy Bopanna, Harshika Poonachha
79 Paramashiva Mahesh Babu V. Harikrishna
80 Crazy Star V.Ravichandran V. Ravichandran Priyanka Upendra Remake of Malayalam film Traffic
2013 81 Manjina Hani V. Ravichandran V. Ravichandran & V. Harikrishna Haripriya
82 Apoorva V.Ravichandran V. Ravichandran Parul Yadav
2014 83 Maanikya Film has yet to be released[5][6] Sudeep Arjun Janya Sudeep, Varalaxmi Sharathkumar, Ramya Krishna, Ranya Remake of telugu film Mirchi
84 Drishya P. Vasu Ilaiyaraaja Navya Nair Remake of Malayalam film Drishyam

Acclaim and criticism[edit]

He is known as a non-conformist, and created his own style of filmmaking. Most of his movies show very little influence of other directors except Premaloka, which contains traces of Grease 2. Notable aspects of his filmmaking include a curious combination of close-ups, abrupt fast-cuts, and innovative camera angles. He is renowned in the Kannada film industry for his understanding of the technical aspect of cinema. His movies are lavishly mounted and stand out for superior production values distinguished for cinematography, sound, lighting, and special effects. Even directors of industry learn technical aspects from his film. A distinct directorial feature is his innovative shooting of songs. Song-picturization in movies Ravichandran has directed often involve elaborate and richly-mounted settings.He sold the Premaloka audio more than 5 million units and is the highest sold Indian audio also. his flop movies also became popular like "Ekangi","Shanti kranti" and many more.


  • Karnataka State Award for Best Director, Actor, Music Director - (Yekangi).
  • Karnataka State Puttanna Kanagal Award for Lifetime Achievements.
  • Suvarna Filmfare Award for Lifetime Achievements
  • Kannada Rajyotsava Award on 2010
  • NTR Award on 2013
  • Special Technical State Award for Shanti Kranti on 1991


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