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Electronic Attack Squadron 133
VAQ-133 insignia.png
VAQ-133 insignia
Active March 4, 1969
Country  United States of America
Branch United States Navy Seal United States Navy
Role Airborne Electronic Attack
Garrison/HQ Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
Nickname Wizards
Motto Push It Up!
Aircraft flown
Attack EKA-3B Skywarrior
EA-6B Prowler
EA-18G Growler

Electronic Attack Squadron 133 (VAQ-133) is an EA-18G Growler squadron of the United States Navy based at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington. Beginning in 2013, the squadron began the transition from the EA-6B to the Growler. Upon completion of the transition spring 2014, the Wizards returned to their attachment to Carrier Air Wing Nine. The squadron's nickname is "Wizards" and its radio callsign is "Magic".[1]

Squadron history[edit]

Electronic Attack Squadron 133 (VAQ-133) was established March 4, 1969 at Naval Air Station Alameda, California. The squadron originally flew the EKA-3B Skywarrior. In August 1971, the Wizards relocated to NAS Whidbey Island.

VAQ-133 EKA-3B, 1971

Following this move, the squadron received and transitioned to the EA-6B Prowler.

VAQ-133 EA-6B, 2005.

Following the 2012-2013 deployment of Carrier Air Wing 9 onboard USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74), VAQ-133 will be reassigned to Carrier Air Wing Eight based aboard the carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77). This reassign was originally slated to occur in January 2014 but changing operational requirements accelerated this reassignment until immediately after the end of the 2012-2013 deployment. As of mid-2014, VAQ-133 made a transition from the EA-6B to the Boeing EA-18G Growler.

A VAQ-133 EA-18G ("Growler"), NAS Whidbey Island, July 2014.


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