VDL Bus Chassis

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VDL Bus Chassis
Type Subsidiary of VDL Groep
Industry Automotive
Founded 1993
Headquarters Valkenswaard, the Netherlands
Products Buses
Website http://www.vdlbuscoach.com

VDL Bus Chassis is a Netherlands-based bus builder which originated from the bus-building business of DAF.

Originally named DAF Bus International after being separated from the truck-building business of DAF, it joined the United Bus in 1990. It became a subsidiary of VDL Groep after United Bus collapsed in 1993.

DAF Bus International was renamed VDL Bus International in September 2003. As of 2005, VDL Groep held 81% share of VDL Bus and PACCAR held another 19% share. VDL Groep bought another Dutch bus manufacturer, Berkhof Jonckheere Groep, in 1998, and together with VDL Bus International they form the VDL Bus Groep, a division of VDL Groep.

In 2008, VDL Bus International was renamed VDL Bus Chassis. It's now a part of VDL Bus & Coach bv.[1]


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