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For other uses, see VEBA (disambiguation).
Former type Aktiengesellschaft
Industry Energy, Mining, Telecommunication
Fate Amalgamation with VIAG
Successors E.ON
Founded 8. March 1929
Founders State of Prussia
Defunct 27th. September 2000
Headquarters Düsseldorf, Germany
Area served Europe
Key people Ulrich Hartmann (CEO)
Products Power, Coal
Revenue 42,48 Milliards Euros
Owners over 600 000
Employees 130 000
Divisions PeussenElektra, VEBA Oel, Degussa Hüls, Stinnes AG, Vebacom,

VEBA AG (originally from Vereinigte Elektrizitäts und Bergwerks Aktiengesellschaft, i.e. "United Electricity and Mining Corporation") was a German energy company. VEBA was founded in 1929 as a holding company owned by the state of Prussia, and was privatized in 1965. VEBA became a part of E.ON in 2000.