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Origin Kyiv, Ukraine
Years active 2002–present
  • Lavina music
  • Vitaly Kalinichenko
  • Selyuk Alexander
  • Pavlo Poprotskyy
  • Denys Boyko
  • Dmytro Romanets
  • Igor Vladymyrov
  • Tetiana Dubchenko

VEREMIY is a Ukrainian rock band from Kyiv. The band "VEREMIY" has rare for Ukraine style melodic-heavy-folk, complicated, powerful, and magnetic. Their compositions are epic canvas, embroidered intricate musical technique, decorated sounding flute, violin and cello. Mythological themes of their songs are full of symbolic images, heroic, historical motifs and romantic riddles.

Early years (2002–2008)[edit]


The band was formed in Kyiv in autumn 2002 with an ordinary pop/rock style, performances were held mainly with half-acoustic program in various universities and educational institutions in the capital and suburbs.

The first members were:

  • Vitaly Kalinichenko - vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Evgeny Muratov - bass guitar
  • Bezrebryy Andrew - guitar
  • Maxim Androsyuk - guitar

Work began on a planned album (recorded only 2 songs from the repertoire of 19 songs).


In mid-2004 the band totally changes its format, this is why Vitali Kalinichenko assembled a new team that looked like this:

  • Vitaly Kalinichenko - vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Lita Akhmetova - guitar
  • Alexander Nazarenko - bass guitar
  • Myhaylo Sokolenko - guitar
  • Oleg Balanda - drums

After changing repertoire and members, Veremiy began working in a style unusual in Ukraine: melodic-heavy-folk, though they have often been labelled Viking Metal.


In 2006, there were lineup changes in the band, as follows:

  • Vitaly Kalinichenko - vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Anatoliy Zinevych - guitar
  • Cyril Shapovalenko - bass guitar
  • Oleksandr Selyuk - drums
  • Denys Boyko / Andriy Volyk / Sergey Kondrovo - guitar

Present days (2008 - now)[edit]

In July 2008, Anatoliy Zinevych, Sergiy Kondrov and Cyril Shapovalenko decide to leave "VEREMIY" and create their own band Kraamola. Drummer Alexander Selyuk also joined to the newly formed band, but returned to Veremiy in 2009.

In the autumn of the same year Igor Vladymyrov and Dmitry Romanets took up positions of guitarist and bassist. Also to the group joined Pavlo Poprotskiy (flute), Andrey Kharchenko (violin) and Michael Shupan (cello). Therefore band Veremiy changed from sextet into octet.

In accordance with the changing composition modernized the sound of the band. Heavy guitar riffs are complemented by the melodious sound of flute and violin, and cello sound reinforces success.

With the new line-up, Veremiy began a busy concert schedule. The band performed at and headline many festivals and events. In particular : Woodstock UA, Zahid, Bandershtat, Slavs'ke Rock, Obnova Fest, Zashkiv, Haydamaka.UA, Pidkamin, Antonych Fest, Starodavniy Medzhybizh, Trypilske kolo, Franko Fest, and many others.

In summer 2009, the band won a video shoot, performing at the Bandershtat festival.

In early 2010, Myhaylo Shupan left the band, to be replaced by cellist Antonina Sidorenko.

Violist Anna Polozova joined in 2011 as a session musician.

In December 2011, the group presented their debut music video for the song "Tyhyj Gay".

In the autumn of 2012 Veremiy released their debut album - "Tam, De Sonce Vstaye...", which had been worked on for three years. Recording took place in the studios of Andriy Havruk (Tin Soncya) and Ivan Luzan (Tin Soncya).

In 2013, the band excelled coperation with bandura player Yaroslav Jus and the band "Shpylyasti Kobzari" by recorded single "Spovid Rozstrilyanyh Dush". The song is dedicated to the 95th anniversary of The Battle of Kruty. In June, the team makes a video for the song "Diva Ozera." Filming were held in Kyiv club KultRa and on in the suburbs of Kyiv. Video was directed by Oles Yusypchuk and art director Mary Fedyuk, already marked by cooperation of a group with the design of the album "Tam, De Sonce Vstaye...".

In the Autumn of that year, the band goes on nationwide tour "Gartovani Vognem." To schedule included the following cities: Kyiv, Lviv, Poltava, Kharkiv, Odessa and others.

The staff was also not clear events that developed in Kiev in winter 2013-2014 year. In the first week Yevromaydanu group has spoken on stage expressing their support for European integration.

In spring 2014 the group presented a second full-length album called "Vil'na Zemlya". Release on 17 May on the label Lavina music. The album included 10 tracks, which work lasted from December 2012 to May 2014.

Band members[edit]

Current members:

  • Vitaly Kalinichenko - vocals, acoustic guitar;
  • Oleksandr Selyuk - drums;
  • Pavlo Poprotskyy - flute / sopilka;
  • Denys Boyko - guitar ;
  • Dmytro Romanets - bass guitar;
  • Igor Vladymyrov - guitar;
  • Tetiana Dubchenko - violin;

Session musicians:

  • Anna Polozova - viola;

Former members:

  • Kyryl Shapovalenko - bass guitar (Kraamola, ex-Sunrise);
  • Anatoly Zinevych - guitar (Kraamola, ex-Tin Soncya);
  • Lita Akhmetova - guitar ;
  • Ivan Lebid - violin (Longo);
  • Myhaylo Shupan - cello;
  • Rustam Khamzin - violin;
  • Evgeniy Muratov - bass guitar;
  • Andrew Bezrebryy - guitar (ex-Tin Soncya);
  • Maxim Androsyuk - guitar ;
  • Oleg Balanda - drums;
  • Alexander Nazarenko - bass guitar;
  • Victor Sokolenko - guitar;
  • Andriy Volyk - guitar;
  • Sergey Kondrovo - guitar (Kraamola, Logical Riddle);
  • Alexander Tsymbaliuk - drums;
  • Maxim Varfolomyeyev - drums;
  • Andrey Kharchenko - violin;
  • Antonina Sidorenko - cello;


Studio albums[edit]

  • 2012 — Tam, De Sonce Vstaye... ;
  • 2014 — Vilna Zemlya;


  • 2012 — Poshepky;

Compilation albums[edit]

  • 2010 — Slavske Rok;
  • 2012 — Pryrodnyj Vidbir. Part 4;
  • 2014 — Muzichna sotnya • MAYDAN.Chastina 1/Listopad;


  • 2006 —V Novyj Den;
  • 2006 —Narodjeni Buty Vovkamy;
  • 2013  —Spovid Rozstrilyanykh Dush;
  • 2013 —Ydy Na Zori;
  • 2013  —Gulyaypole;
  • 2014 —Hartovani Vohnem;
  • 2014 —Nastane Toy Den';

Music videos[edit]

  • 2011 —Tyhyj Gay;
  • 2013 —Diva Ozera;
  • 2014 —Polety.