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Marine Fighting Squadron 213
VMTB-213 Insignia
Active 1 July 1942 - 24 April 1946
Country United States
Branch USMC
Nickname Hell Hawks

VMF-213 was a fighter squadron in the United States Marine Corps. The squadron activated 1 July 1942 at Marine Corps Air Station Ewa was also known as the "Hell Hawks".[1] Along with VMF-124, VMF-213 became one of the first Marine squadrons to be based on a fleet aircraft carrier.[2] They were deactivated shortly after the end of World War II but were reactivated in the Marine Air Reserve under the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing and based at Naval Air Station Minneapolis.

In mid-1943, VMF-213 harmonised the six .50 inch wing guns of their Mk I Vought F4U Corsairs to converge to a point 300 ft (90 m) ahead. The squadron's usual tactic was to dive upon an enemy from the front and slightly to one side (a high-side attack using full deflection) and fire when at the convergence distance.[3]

Captain James N. Cupp was a double flying ace with VMF-213 in the Solomon Islands. From July to September 1943 he scored at least 12 aerial victories. He received the Navy Cross and three Distinguished Flying Crosses during his service with the Hell Hawks.[4][5]



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