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VPS Convenience Store Group is an American convenience store chain, currently and conveniently headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Village Pantry was founded as a convenience store chain division of Marsh Supermarkets, founded in Yorktown, Indiana.

In 2006, Sun Capital Partners purchased Marsh and its divisions, including Village Pantry.[1]

In May 2007, Sun announced that they were splitting Village Pantry from Marsh, making it its own company reporting directly to Sun Capital.[2]

In October 2007, Village Pantry purchased 33 Next Door Store locations in Michigan and Indiana.

In Spring 2009, Village Pantry and three other Sun-owned convenience store chains—Young's, Li'l Cricket, and Scotchman—began reorganizing to consolidate accounting and administration with Young's and Scotchman parent company Worsley Operating Corporation.[3][4][5] As of May 2013, the combined operation runs a total of 430 convenience stores as VPS Convenience Store Group.[6][3]

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