VR Troopers (video game)

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VR Troopers
Developer(s) Syrox Developments
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Sega Mega Drive, Game Gear
Release date(s)
  • NA November 1995
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) singleplayer, versus
Distribution 8 Megabit

VR Troopers is a 1995 fighting game based on the Japanese/American syndicated television series of the same name originally by Toei Company and localized by Saban Inc.. The fighting game was developed by Syrox Developments and published by Sega.


Grimlord has sent an arcade game to Tao's Dojo which ends up sucking Ryan Steele, J.B. Reese, and Kaitlin Star into Virtual Reality. For them to get out, they have to get by Grimlord's Skugs and monsters.


Only four of the characters (the three troopers and Dark Heart) can kick while in the crouched position. Only Dark Heart has a sweep kick which invariably knocks the opponent over if it connects.


  • Ryan Steele – His special move is Atomic Shuriken.
  • J.B. Reese – His special move is Laser Lance.
  • Kaitlin Star – Her special move is Power Ring.

If one were to play as a Trooper against the Clone-Bot in the form of that trooper, the Clone-Bot's Trooper form will appear in a different color.


These are the opponents the player will face in order of appearance.

  • Tankatron – His special moves are Blast, Mine, and Hard Shell.
  • Decimator – His special moves are Power Slice, Stomp, and Switchback.
  • Dark Heart – His special moves are Blast, Cloak, and Shield.
  • Kongbot – His special moves are Bark Blast, Charge, and Spin.
  • Magician – His special moves are Magic Globe, In Hat, and Switcharoo.
  • J.B. Clone – A Skug that will assume the form of J.B. and copy his special move.
  • Kaitlin Clone – A Skug that will assume the form of Kaitlin and copy her special move.
  • Ryan Clone – A Skug that will assume the form of Ryan and copy his special move.
  • Kamelion – A robot with electrical legs and electrical wings (which resemble a butterfly's wings). He has the ability to take the form of the other characters of the game and utilize their powers. The final boss of the game, he does not appear in the television series, but has form-changing ability that Zelton displayed in one episode.