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VTT 323.jpg
Type Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin  Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Weight 12.6 tonnes
Length 6.476 m
Width 2.978 m
Height 2.58 m
Crew 4+10

Armor 14 mm maximum, welded steel
2 x 14.5mm mm machine gun
7.62mm machine gun
Engine 8-cylinder air-cooled, turbo-charged diesel
320 hp
Suspension torsion bar
500 km
Speed 65 km/h, off-road 46 km/h

The North Korean produced M1973 Seung-ri VTT-323 is a licensed copy of the Chinese YW531 Armored Personnel Carrier. The vehicle features a box-like welded steel hull, with a small turret positioned just to the rear of the hull centerline. The VTT-323 has five road wheels and a turret mounting 14.5mm and 7.62mm machine guns, or a turret with twin 14.5-mm guns. Some versions have Susong-Po (AT-3 Sagger variant) antitank guided missile launcher and SA-7 or SA-16 man-portable SAM.

The VTT-323 is nicknamed the VET. The VET has a crew of four, consisting of a commander, gunner, loader and a driver. The vehicle can carry ten fully equipped infantrymen. In mechanized battalions, it is also used to mount 82mm mortars to form self-propelled batteries. The VTT-323 has been observed with a 107mm multiple rocket launcher (MRL) mounted on the rear. The VTT-323 has become the NKPA standard armored personnel carrier. It is organic to mechanized battalions of mechanized and armored brigades.


M-2010 Jun-ma[edit]

A longer version of the VTT-323 with upgraded improved optics.