V Beach Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery

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V Beach
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
V Beach and its cemetery
Used for those deceased April 1915-January 1916
Established 1915
Location near Seddülbahir, Turkey
Total burials 696
Burials by nation
Burials by war
Statistics source: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

V Beach Cemetery is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery located near Cape Helles, Gallipoli, Turkey.

The cemetery was brought into use shortly after the landing at Cape Helles at the end of April 1915 and its use ceased in May 1915. However 13 additional graves were moved into it in 1919 following the Armistice. As well as the 20 known graves, there are memorials to a further 196 soldiers and sailors who are known to be buried in the cemetery. In its overall capacity, the gravesite contains 696 soldiers who are buried at this site.

Notable graves[edit]

Amongst the graves is that of Captain Garth Walford who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross (along with Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Doughty-Wylie) for organising and leading an attack through Seddülbahir and the fort adjacent to the cemetery. The gravsite is also known as beholding one of Australias war legend, John Simpson Kirkpatrick.