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Also known as Bakom
Focus Hybrid
Hardness Full-contact
Country of origin Peru
Creator Roberto Puch Bezada
Olympic sport No

Bakom (also known as Vacón) is a Peruvian hybrid martial art. It was founded in the early 1980s by Roberto Puch Bezada, a former marine and jujutsu expert, and also an ex-convict, from the Lima district of Villa el Salvador. Roberto Puch has written a book describing his martial art.[1]

The martial art of Bakom blends other martial arts such as jujutsu with street fighting techniques known and used around the shantytowns (pueblos jóvenes) on the outskirts of Lima, one of them being Villa el Salvador. The main objective is to know when to attack with power and disrupt an opponent's equilibrium. Armlocks and chokeholds are commonly used.

Bakom is a martial art designed to prevail over the opponent by quickly overwhelming and inflicting maximum injury. It is not unusual for confrontations to end with the death of one of the fighters, as it also incorporates the use of hidden weapons and deception in its practice.[1]


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