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Vada pav
Jumbo Vada Pav.jpg
Type Snack
Place of origin India
Region or state Maharashtra
Main ingredients Deep-fried mashed potato patties, chili peppers, ginger
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Vada pav (Marathi: वडा पाव), sometimes spelled wada pav or vada paav, is a popular spicy vegetarian fast food dish native to the Indian state of Maharashtra.It is originated in Mumbai. It consists of a batata vada sandwiched between two slices of a pav. The compound word batata vada refers in Marathi to a vada (fritter) made out of batata, the latter referring to a potato. Pav refers to unsweetened bread or bun. It is also known as an Indian burger.


Vada Pavs

Finely cut green chilies and ginger and a phodani (tempering) of mustard seeds, turmeric and salt are added to a mash of boiled potatoes, and after dipping patties of the mash in an herb-seasoned batter of gram flour, the patties are deep-fried.

Vada pav is typically served with a chutney (sauce) which is commonly made out of shredded coconut, tamarind pulp, and garlic.

Variations of the above basic dish include "cheese vada pav" (where slices of cheese are added); there is "Szechwan vada pav" (where the pav is layered with a Szechwan, or Sichuan-style, sauce); "samosa pav" (where a samosa is used instead of a vada); and "jain vada pav" (where vada ingredients do not include onions, garlic and potatoes). Vada pav served in the nearby state of Gujarat is usually fried in butter or edible oil. The pav is first fried in a mixture of butter or oil and dried red chili powder. After that the chutney is applied in the hot fried pav and the vada is placed in between. This is the only difference between vada pav in Gujarat and Maharashtra. In the state of Gujarat, the original un-fried vada pav recipe is referred to as "Bombay vada pav".

This dish was initially started as the most cheapest form of a meal for low income group, but due to its taste, this dish became so popular that many sophisticated hotels also have started dishing out this dish at extra cost. However, this dish is still regarded as a humble dish, and many people have it at breakfast, lunch or even dinner as well.

Indian street food[edit]

Batata vada has been mimicked like the south Indian Potato Bonda which is a localized version of the same dish but a different name to not confuse it with Medu Wada. Vada Pav / Wada Pav is the Indianized burger. Crispy vada sandwiched between soft buns with spicy garlic/ mint/ coriander chutney. It is a hugely popular street food in India and has its origins in the state of Maharashtra.Vada Pavs are common to find in every part of India and is sold by roadside vendors and some shops. The first Vada pav was first sold in Thane, near Mumbai around 1972-1974. The vendor was Mr Babban who invented the same he became so popular in Thane his Vada Pav was known as " Babban Vada Pav" . He is no longer living but his Vada Pav is still sold by his daughter near Charai, Thane west.

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