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Vadim Panov, 2010

Vadim Panov is a Russian fantasy and science-fiction writer. He has written two series of books: The Secret Town and The Enclaves. He has also written the non series novel, Club Moscow.[1]

The Secret Town[edit]

This series now contains 14 books:

  • Wars Are Started by Losers
  • Commander of War
  • Attack by Rules
  • All Shades of Black
  • There Are Heroes in Hell
  • The Concubines of Hate
  • The Chrysalis of Last Hope
  • The Shadow of Inquisitor
  • The Chair of Wanderers
  • The Rules of Blood
  • The Royal Cross
  • The King of Mountain
  • The Day of the Dragon
  • The Smell of Fear

The Enclaves[edit]

This series of is a line of cyberpunk novels now has five books :

  • The Moscow Club (2006),
  • The Guides on a Crossroad (2006),
  • The Bonfires on Altars (2008),
  • The Vendors of the Impossible (2009),
  • The Chaoperfection (2010).


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