Vaishnavi (Matrika goddess)

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For other uses, see Vaishnavi (disambiguation).
Vaishnavi and Varahi as Matrikas, in a folio from Devi Mahatmya manuscript, 1675-1700.

Vaishnavi (sanskrit, feminine form of Vishnu) is a legendary figure in the Hindu tradition and the shakti of Lord Vishnu. According to the legend, she was an incarnation of the Divine Mother Parvati, or Shakti.

Vaishnavi is also a Matrika goddess,[1] considered as the shakti of Vishnu.

It is said that she is the nature, prakruti by herself and consort of purusha, the supreme lord Shiva, and she is all pervading hence the name VaishNavi.

Vaishnavi (or Vyshnavi) is also a given name, in the Hindu tradition of naming children after spiritual personalities.