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Region Bihar in India, Sarlahi and Rautahat Districts of Nepal
Native speakers
12 million  (date missing)[citation needed], Total 793,416 speakers in Nepal (2011)
Devanagari, Kaithi
Official status
Official language in
Bihar state in India
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Linguist list
Glottolog None

Bajjika or Vajjika (Hindi वज्जिका) is a language spoken in the Samastipur, Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur District, Vaishali, East Champaran and West Champaran districts of Bihar and about eight hundred thousand people in the adjacent regions of Nepal.

Bajjika Movement[edit]

"BIHAR RAJYA BAJJIKA VIKAS PARISHAD" is an organization which works for the betterment of this dialect. BIHAR RAJYA BAJJIKA VIKAS PARISHAD has successfully completed its campaign to list BAJJIKA in the Bihar state school syllabus as a LANGUAGE SUBJECT.


Films in Bajjika[edit]

"Lakshmi Elthin Hammar Angna (2009)" is the first formal feature film in Bajjika. Sajan Aiha Doli le ke came after that.[1] Many Bajjika films have been made before and after that. These films appealed deeply to the people of entire Bajjikanchal, which includes districts of Samastipur, Vaishali, Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur and Champaran.

Writers in Bajjika[edit]

Dr Abdeshwar Arun, MUNISHWAR RAI 'MUNISH', Surendra Mohan Prasad, Yogendra Rai, Dr. Yogendra Sinha, Dr. Rameshwar Prasad, Nirmal Milind, Chandra Prakash, Chandra Kishore, Dr. Shreerang Shahi,Sri Sambhu 'AGEHI',Dr.Brahmdeo Karji,Sri Damodar 'Kamalpuri',Shri Ratnanand Jha 'Chhotan',Smt Indira 'BHARTI' etc. are/were the famous writers of Bajjika.

Books in Bajjika[edit]

Bajjika Ramayan(बज्जिका रामायण) by:-Dr Abdeshwar Arun, ' Tesri Beriya by :-Sri Sambhu 'AGEHI', 'Pinjra k Sugva(पिंजरा के सुगवा) by:-Indira 'BHARTI , Madhumas (मधुमास), Madhuvas (मधुवास) (Bajjika-Poems) by:- Shri Ratnanand Jha 'Chhotan'. Tarhatthi par taregan (तरहात्ती पर तरेगन) Phool-paat (फूल-पात) Injuri Bhar sinhorwa (इंजुरी भर सिंहोरवा), Sanch me Anch ki ? (साँच में आँच कि?) Hom Kahan Hati (हम कहां हती?) etc. are the very popular books of Bajjika.

Munishwar Rai 'Munish' - renowned writer and historian of Bajjika language and Literature & also recipient of Dr. Griyarsan Puraskar by Bihar Government has described the geographical boundary of Bajjikanchal as; in North there is Nepal,in South there is river Gangaes, Baghmati river is situated in East direction and Gandak river is situated in West.

Bajjikanchal language has been deeply enriched and indebted by Saahitya Sadhak Munishwar Rai ' Munish' through his great literary work as mentioned below.....

1. Jhanjh Ke Jhanak(1958)- Bajjika Folk Song Collection 2. Bhujho Toh, Kya?(1958)-Bajjika Puzzle Collection 3. Bajji Sangh aur Bajjika Lok Saahitya(1968)-Bajjika Essay 4. Bajjika Lok Saahitya: Shabdkosh(1971)-Bajjika Dictionary 5. Bajjikanchal: Ek Sanskritik Sarvekshan(1977)-A cultural research on Bajjikanchal literature and social life 6. Kabir Panth Ki Jaagu Shakha(1977)- A research work on 'JAAGU SHAKHA' of 'KABIR SCHOOL OF THOUGHTS' 7. Navratan Katha(1981)-Biography Of 9 Great Sons of Soil Of India 8. Niranjan Bhagwan(1997)-Description Of The Regional God Of Bajjikanchal Named 'Niranjan Bhagwan' 9. Lok Devta Baba Basawan(1998)-Life History Of Regional God :'Baba Basawan(Bhuian Baba-Of Village Basauli) 10.Bajjikanchal Ke Saahityakar(2003)-Life Events and Introduction Of Literary work Of Great Literary Figures of Bajjikanchal 11.Bajjikanchal Ka Swatantrata Sangram(2004)-Story of Freedom Movements Of Bajjikanchal 12.Kabir aur Lohiya(2007)-A Thoughtful comparison between KABIR and LOHIYA 13.Bajjikanchal ke Swatantrata Sainani-Unsung Stories Of Freemdom Fighters Of Bajjikanchal 14. Bajjika Sanskar Geet-A Discovery of Bajjikanchal Through Ritual Songs which are sung at different occasions in Social Life of Bajjika Region(Under Publication)


All India Bajjika committee ( Bajjika - बज्जिका )

Shailesh Bhushan (Hajipur), HansRaj Prakashan (Muzaffarpur), Dr. Yogendra Prakash Sinha Bajjika Organization, Kishore Prakashan (Muzaffarpur), Samiksha Prakshan (Sitamarhi), Ahilya Prakashan (Muzaffarpur) etc. are the main Publishers of Books in Bajjika.

Bajjika Ramayan[edit]

Ramayan was translated in Bajjika by Dr. Avadhesh Arun. Publishers and year of Publish are unknown.

Magazines in Bajjika[edit]

  • Bajjika Darshan (coming soon)visit us :
  • Bajjika Samaad (weekly) by Ahilya Prakashan, Muzaffarpur.
  • Bajjika Madhuri (Monthly) by Bajjika Sahitya Sammelan, Patna.
  • Bajjika Bhasha ke Sanes by Nirmal Milind, Muzaffarpur, Patna and Ranchi.

News in Bajjika[edit]

Khabar Lahariya is a weekly news paper, run by women in Bajjika. Appan Samachar is Muzaffarpur based Bajjika channel. The most interesting this about the channel is that, this channel is also run by all women members. Beside Appan Samachar, Hamar TV also telecasts news and programs in Bajjika Language. Akshwani Patna also telecast Lok-geet, chaupaal and News in Bajjika Language.

Songs in Bajjika[edit]

Songs in Bajjika language are quite popular in the region. Due to lack of awareness, many people call it as Bhojpuri or Bihari songs.

   Famous Singer of Bajjika is Sharda Sinha.

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