Val Rosandra

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Val Rosandra near Trieste, Italy
trail near Val Rosandra
Waterfall at Val Rosandra

Val Rosandra (Slovene: Dolina Glinščice) is a valley centered on the river with the same name (Slovene: Glinščica) in the municipality of Dolina in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, between the city of Trieste and the border with Slovenia. It is also included into a natural park, mostly set around the river Rosandra and the surrounding hills reach an altitude of 412 metres. The northern end of the valley crosses the Italian-Slovenian border. The Val Rosandra is part of the Kras geographical region. Tourist attractions in the valley are 40-metre (130 ft) waterfall near the village of Botazzo (Botač) and the Church of Santa Maria (perched high in the hills of the valley).

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Coordinates: 45°36′59″N 13°52′47″E / 45.616343°N 13.879852°E / 45.616343; 13.879852