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Valentino Castellani (born March 19, 1940 in Varmo) was the independent mayor of Turin, Italy from July 22, 1993 – May 31, 2001, when he led the centre-left coalition. He is also a noted university professor and alumni of the Polytechnic University of Turin. He is the author of some 70 scientific publications, some of which in the theory of transmission and coding applied to satellites and mobile communication. From 1999 to 2006 President of the Turin Organizing Committee, the organizing committee of the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin.[1]

He has lived in Turin for over forty years, is married and has three children.


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Preceded by
United States Mitt Romney
President of Organizing Committee for Winter Olympic Games
Succeeded by
Canada John Furlong
Preceded by
Giovanna Cattaneo Incisa
Mayor of Turin
Succeeded by
Sergio Chiamparino