Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
PR Lost Galaxy logo.png
Format Action
Science fantasy
Created by Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Directed by Jonathan Tzachor
Worth Keeter
Blair Treu
Koichi Sakamoto
Ryuta Tasaki
Steve Wang
Jim Mathers
Judd Lynn
Starring Archie Kao
Reggie Rolle
Danny Slavin
Valerie Vernon
Cerina Vincent
Russell Lawrence
Amy Miller
Melody Perkins
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 45 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Producer(s) Jonathan Tzachor
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Saban Entertainment
Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
Toei Company, Ltd.
MMPR Productions, Inc.
Original channel FOX (Fox Kids)
The CW (Vortexx)
Original run February 6, 1999 (1999-02-06) – December 18, 1999 (1999-12-18)
Preceded by Power Rangers In Space
Followed by Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is the seventh season of the Power Rangers franchise that aired in 1999.[1][2][3] Like its predecessor, it is based on the Japanese Super Sentai television series (in this case Seijuu Sentai Gingaman).


Set after the events of Power Rangers in Space, four young adults from Angel Grove (Leo, Mike, Kai, and Kendrix) are leaving for the space colony Terra Venture seeking a new world like Earth. They later meet a mechanic named Damon, and on the Moon, a jungle girl named Maya who leads them to five mystical swords known as the Quasar Sabers on her home planet of Mirinoi. After pulling the sabers out of a stone, one of the youths, Mike Corbett, falls into a crevice, but not before passing his saber onto his younger brother Leo Corbett.

With the Quasar Sabers, the teens transform into the Galaxy Power Rangers and use them to battle space villains from two different parts of the galaxy. These villains include Scorpius, Trakeena, Deviot and Captain Mutiny. Along the way, they discover several Zords known as Galactabeasts and make an ally in the form of the mysterious Magna Defender, a galactic warrior. Though he later dies, he manages to reveal that his host body is Mike Corbett and passes the Magna Defender powers to him.

When Deviot revives the evil Psycho Rangers, the Rangers of Power Rangers in Space show up to aid the Galaxy Rangers in destroying them. During this saga, Kendrix Morgan, the Pink Ranger, sacrifices herself to protect the Pink Space Ranger and Terra Venture from Psycho Pink. Karone, sister of the Red Space Ranger Andros and former evil princess Astronema, is given the powers of the Pink Galaxy Ranger from Kendrix (who appears as a spirit), and joins the Rangers in the battle to protect Terra Venture.

Deviot later reads secret words from the Galaxy Book; sending Terra Venture and himself into the "Lost Galaxy". Here the Rangers encounter Captain Mutiny and his Squabbies. These space traveling pirates live on the back of a massive space faring dragon inside a castle. Deviot reemerges and joins the Captain's fight against the Rangers and attempts to turn all of the citizens of Terra Venture into his slaves for the purposes of mining for "Booty".The colony escaped the galaxy after Mike sacrificed his powers to keep a portal open.

After this Deviot returned to Trakeena, but by this time she had learned he was a traitor and tried to destroyed him chasing him through the ship and into the cocoon that scorpius made fusing them together and driving Trakeena insane and using her army armed with bombs crippled Terra Venture and destroyed the Stratoforce and Centaurus megazords.This forced the colony's people to evacuate to a nearby planet Trakeena gave chased but the rangers destroyed her ship by self-destructing the Astro Megaship, but the explosion left Leo stranded on the moon. Trakeena survived the blast also,but was scarred and injured, finally reaching her breaking point Trakeena used the cocoon to transform into an insectoid creature enter Terra Venture's wreck and used her power to set it on a crash corse to the planet below to destroy it and the people below. Leo enter and soon followed by the other ranger tried to stop her, but were slowly overmatch by Trakeena's new power. She was only defeated after Leo using his battlizer blasted her at point-blank range nearly destroying himself in the process. By this time the colony was nearly the people bu the Galaxy Megazord diverted it course and landed it a large clearing in an explosion, the colonist feared the worse for the ranger, but were relieved and overjoyed when they came out of the explosion on the Galactabeasts. After this the zords revealed to rangers they had landed on Mirinoi and returned the saber to the stone altar, this restored it petrified inhabits and the joy of the rangers restored Kendrix as well, after this the colonist settled on Mirinoi as the series ended.




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