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Valeriy Khoroshkovsky
Валерій Іванович Хорошковський
Valeriy Khoroshkovskyi.jpg
First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine
In office
22 February 2012 – 14 December 2012[1]
Prime Minister Mykola Azarov
Preceded by Andriy Klyuyev
Succeeded by Serhiy Arbuzov
Minister of Finance of Ukraine
In office
18 January 2012 – 22 February 2012
Prime Minister Mykola Azarov
Preceded by Fedir Yaroshenko
Succeeded by Yuriy Kolobov[2]
Head of the Security Service of Ukraine
In office
28 January 2009 – 18 January 2012
President Viktor Yushchenko
Preceded by Valentyn Nalyvaichenko
Succeeded by Ihor Kalinin
Head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine
In office
24 December 2007 – 28 January 2009
Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko
Ministry of Economy and European Integration
In office
December 2002 – January 2004
Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych
Preceded by Oleksandr Shlapak
Succeeded by Mykola Derkach
People's Deputy of Ukraine
In office
29 March 1998 – 31 March 2002
President Leonid Kuchma
Personal details
Born (1969-01-01) January 1, 1969 (age 45)
Kiev, Ukrainian SSR
Other political
People's Democratic Party (1998-2002)
Ukrainian Peasant Democratic Party (2002)
Labour Ukraine (2002)
Spouse(s) Olena[3]
Children Two sons and a daughter[3]
Alma mater Kiev State University

Valeriy Ivanovych Khoroshkovsky (Ukrainian: Валерій Іванович Хорошковський, born January 1, 1969 in Kiev[4]) is a Ukrainian businessman, former head of the Security Service of Ukraine,[5][6][7] former Minister of Finance,[8] and former First Vice Prime Minister.[1][9] According to Ukrainian and East European media Khoroshkovsky is one of Ukraine's richest people.[10][11][12]

While being in public office Khoroshkovsky had large stakes in various Ukrainian media and metallurgy industries.[3][13] In 2006 Khoroshkovsky stated: "I owned mid-sized businesses that had no kind of political influence. I cannot say I gained something for my business thanks to politics or that I had any political advantages thanks to business”.[12]


Khoroshkovsky completed a postgraduate economics study at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University in 1993.[12]

Business career[edit]

In 1994 Khoroshkovsky started a metal trading business which he disbanded in 1995 to become active in banking.[12] Since then Khoroshkovsky has been active in the furniture retail and trading business and has had stakes in dairy, soda, machinery and bus factories. In 2004 Khoroshkovsky sold his stake in Ukrsotsbank to Ukraine's second-richest businessman Viktor Pinchuk for an estimated $200 million.[12]

After Khoroshkovsky's resignation as Economics Minister in January 2004 he was appointed vice president of steel giant Evraz, becoming its head in April 2006 either because of his connections or his 13-year friendship with Alexander Abramov.[12] In December 2006 Khoroshkovsky resigned as Chief Executive Officer of Evraz because of his appointment as the First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.[14]

In 2005 Khoroshkovsky paid about $250 million for a 61% stake in Inter TV, one of Ukraine's biggest television channels.[12] In June 2007 he expanded his U.A. Inter Media Group Ltd with various other channels bought from Dmytro Firtash.[15] After Khoroshkovsky was appointed as Head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine in December 2007 his wife became head of U.A. Inter Media Group.[16]

In June 2010 both Kanal 5 and TVi accused Khoroshkovsky of abusing his power and influence to preserve monopoly control of Ukraine's media airwaves and limit objective news reporting.[17] Khoroshkovsky replied (early June 2010) that he was ready to sell his media business to a willing buyer.[13][18]

Khoroshkovsky sold 100 percent of Inter Media Group Limited (back) to Firtash on 1 February 2013.[19]

Political career[edit]

Khoroshkovsky was a member of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) from the Ukrainian parliamentary election of 1998 until 2002[20] after winning a seat in the Krasnoperekopsk constituency,[21] representing the People's Democratic Party.[22] As a lawmaker he voted for the removal of Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko from his office in May 2001 which resulted in the end of Yushchenko's prime ministership.[23]

At the March 2002 Ukrainian parliamentary election Khoroshkovsky represented the Team of Winter Generation,[23] which won no seats; he was a member of the Ukrainian Peasant Democratic Party at the time.[22][24]

In August 2002 Khoroshkovsky was appointed deputy head in the Presidential Administration of President Leonid Kuchma.[23] Khoroshkovsky was appointed minister of economy in December 2002 in the new Viktor Yanukovych government on recommendation of Labour Ukraine.[23] In 2003 he criticized Ukraine's economic policy and threatened to resign if Ukraine entered the common economic space with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Labour Ukraine immediately warned the minister that any minister who opposed the entry of Ukraine to this common economic space would be fired from the government.[12] Khoroshkovsky resigned in January 2004, complaining that the Finance Ministry was preventing his Economic Ministry from drawing up long-term economic plans.[12]

In December 2006 President Viktor Yushchenko appointed Khoroshkovsky as First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, from which Khoroshkovsky resigned in May 2007.[25] On December 24, 2007 Khoroshkovsky was appointed as Head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.[26] He was relieved of this post on January 28, 2009.[26] The same day Khoroshkovsky was appointed First Deputy Chief of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).[26] On March 11, 2010 Khoroshkovsky was appointed head of the SBU by the Ukrainian Parliament.[5] On April 19, 2010 Khoroshkovsky was appointed a staff member of the National Bank of Ukraine by President Viktor Yanukovych.[27] In 2010 he was also member of the Supreme Council of Justice, that appoints and fires judges, from May 31 till December 16.[10][28]

The SBU opened its Soviet Ukrainian archives in January 2009. Khoroshkovsky believes that the SBU should reduce public access to its archives and concentrate on its main task of being a secret service.[29]

According to Member of the European Parliament Elmar Brok (who met Khoroshkovsky when Khoroshkovsky hosted a luxurious dinner for MEPs in Brussels in November 2010) "he doesn't seem to understand that threatening the independence of the judiciary is one of biggest mistakes you can make when you are trying to build a new state, he doesn't seem to understand what are the proper limits of his mandate."[30]

President Yanukovych conferred a rank of general to Khoroshkovsky in August 2011.[31]

When Minister of Finance Fedir Yaroshenko resigned on 18 January 2012 he replaced by Khoroshkovsky as the new Minister of Finance the same day.;[8] Khoroshkovsky was dismissed as head of the Security Service of Ukraine.[8] After Andriy Klyuyev had left the post mid-February 2012 Khoroshkovsky was tipped as the new First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.[32] On 22 February 2012 he was appointed First Vice Prime Minister and dismissed as finance minister.[9] Relations with the European Union is among his responsibilities.[33] Unlike most Ukrainian officials he speaks good English.[34]

In his interview to Deutsche Welle, Khoroshkovsky stated that Viktor Yanukovych is not being allowed to the European Union due to selective justice.[35]

Khoroshkovskyi resigned from the interim Azarov Government on 14 December 2012 (the day after the re-appointment of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov[36]) because he "considered Azarov incapable of carrying out economic reforms and defending our country's strategic course for European integration".[1]


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