Valiyullahi CM Aboobacker Musalyar

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Valiyullahi CM Aboobacker Musalyar
Religion Islam
Born 1928
Chittadi Meethal, Madavoor in Kozhikode District, Kerala, India.
Died 1991 April 11
Senior posting
Based in Calicut, South India
Period in office Late 20th century
Religious career
Post Musliyar

Valiyullahi CM Aboobacker Musalyar (also known as CM Valiyullahi) was a Sufi scholar in South India. He was born at Madavoor in 1928 and died in 1991.


His father Kunhimayin Koya Musliyar was a Sufi and his mother Aysha Hajjumma was from a Sufi family. He acquired religious learning from his father and other scholars.


At 1962 CM undertook a hajj that he described as hist life's turning point. He emphasized prayers and meditation. He visited the great centers of Islamic culture and learned about important trends in Islam. He become well known across southern India and people came to him for advice and prayers.


He died on Friday, April 11, 1991. CM was buried near the mosque that he had built.

CM Makham[edit]

The shrine of CM is known as CM Makham. It is located near his home in Madavoor.


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