Valkenburg, South Holland

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This article is about the town in South Holland. For the municipality in Limburg, see Valkenburg aan de Geul.
Valkenburg from the Oude Rijn
Valkenburg from the Oude Rijn
Flag of Valkenburg
Coordinates: 52°10′47″N 4°25′54″E / 52.17972°N 4.43167°E / 52.17972; 4.43167Coordinates: 52°10′47″N 4°25′54″E / 52.17972°N 4.43167°E / 52.17972; 4.43167
Country Netherlands
Province Zuid-Holland
Municipality Katwijk
Population (2006) 39
Location of former municipality Valkenburg.

Ltspkr.pngValkenburg (population: 3,900[1] in 2006) is a village and former municipality in the province of South Holland, in the western Netherlands. Valkenburg is now part of the municipality Katwijk.

On 1 January 2006, Valkenburg and Rijnsburg were merged into the new municipality Katwijk. The former municipality of Valkenburg had about 3878 inhabitants (1 June 2005) and a surface area of 15.74 km² (6.08 mile²) of which 0.23 km² (0.09 mile²) is water.

On the second Wednesday in September there is a horse market, the oldest in the Netherlands.[2] 2010 marked its 1066th year of operation.

The former military airbase, which was situated here since 1936, was closed in 2006.


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