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Vallangi is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 10°35′52″N 76°36′17″E / 10.5976663°N 76.6048604°E / 10.5976663; 76.6048604Coordinates: 10°35′52″N 76°36′17″E / 10.5976663°N 76.6048604°E / 10.5976663; 76.6048604
Country  India
State Kerala
District Palakkad
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration KL-

Vallangi is a village in the Palakkad district of Kerala, South India. It forms a part of the Nemmara gram panchayat.[1]


As of 2001, according to the Indian census, Vallangi had a population of 16,608 with 8,109 males and 8,499 females.[2]

Nemmara Vallangi Vela[edit]

Nemmara Vallangi vela is one of the important festivals of the region that falls on 2nd or 3rd of April every year. Organised by the two deshams of Nemmara and Vallangi, it is pumped up by the rivalry between the two. The fireworks display at the end of the function lasts for 1 hour and witnessed by thousands of people.[1][2]

Nenmara-vallangi-vela.jpg Nemmara vallangi vela.jpg
Fireworks by vallangi desham,2014 vallangi desham's Panthal,2014

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