Cervo Valley

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Cervo Valley
Valle Cervo or Valle di Andorno or Bürsch
Bassa valle andorno da randolina.jpg
The lowest part of the valley
Valle cervo posizione.png
Location of the valley in Piedmont, northern Italy
Location Piedmont, Italy
Floor elevation 400–2,556 m (1,312–8,386 ft)
Long-axis length around 20 km (12 mi)
Type River valley
Coordinates 45°36′36″N 8°03′29″E / 45.61°N 8.058°E / 45.61; 8.058Coordinates: 45°36′36″N 8°03′29″E / 45.61°N 8.058°E / 45.61; 8.058

Cervo Valley (in Italian Valle Cervo or Valle di Andorno, in Piedmontese Val d'Andorn or Bürsch) is a valley in north-east of Piedmont in the Province of Biella, Italy.


The valley takes its name from Cervo, a right-hand tributary of the Sesia which flows through the valley. It si also called Valle di Andorno from Andorno Micca, a town which lies in the main valley near its exit on the Po plain.


Besides Andorno other municipalities of the area are Biella, Campiglia Cervo, Miagliano, Piedicavallo, Pralungo, Quittengo, Rosazza, Sagliano Micca, San Paolo Cervo, Tavigliano and Tollegno.[1]

Notable summits[edit]

Among the notable summits which surround the valley (all belonging to the Biellese Alps) there are:

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Notes and references[edit]

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