Strona di Mosso Valley

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Strona di Mosso Valley
Valle Strona di Mosso or Valle di Mosso
Casto dal bocchetto sessera.jpg
The highest part of the valley
Valle strona di mosso posizione.png
Location of the valley in Piedmont, northern Italy
Location Piedmont, Italy
Floor elevation 250–1,626 m (820–5,335 ft)
Long-axis length around 20 km (12 mi)
Type River valley
Coordinates 45°22′N 8°54′E / 45.37°N 8.9°E / 45.37; 8.9Coordinates: 45°22′N 8°54′E / 45.37°N 8.9°E / 45.37; 8.9

Strona di Mosso Valley (in Italian Valle Strona di Mosso or, simply, Valle di Mosso) is a valley in north-east of Piedmont in the Province of Biella, Italy.


The valley takes its name from Strona di Mosso, a right-hand tributary of the Cervo which flows through the valley. In the names of some of the towns and villages of the valley the term Mossso is also included, like i.e. Mosso Santa Maria, Valle Mosso or Crocemosso.


The intermediate part of the valley, densely populated

The valley strarts from the mountains where it meets with Cervo Valley and Sessera Valley; going southwards it encompasses a whide, hilly, area and ends near Cossato a little before the confluence of the Strona in the Cervo.

Besides Mosso and Valle Mosso other municipalities of the area are Cossato (a town which lies in the main valley near its exit on the Po plain) and Bioglio, Callabiana, Camandona, Crosa, Lessona, Piatto, Pettinengo, Quaregna, Ronco Biellese, Selve Marcone, Soprana, Strona, Ternengo, Trivero, Vallanzengo, Valle San Nicolao, Veglio, Zumaglia.[1]

Notable summits[edit]

Among the summits which surround the valley (all belonging to the Biellese Alps) there are:

  • Monticchio (1.697 m);[2]
  • Monte Marca (1.616 m);
  • Rocca d'Argimonia (1.610 m);
  • Monte Rubello (1.414 m);
  • Monte Casto (1.138 m);
  • Monte Rovella (889 m).

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Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Carta Tecnica Regionale raster 1:10.000 (vers.3.0) of Regione Piemonte - 2007
  2. ^ The main summit of Monticchio is slightly outside the Strona di Mosso drainage basin, which reach its higher point in a secondary summit at 1.626 m on the sea level

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