Valley Stream South High School

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For schools of a similar name, see South High School (disambiguation).
Valley Stream South High School
150 Jedwood Place
United States
School type Public
Opened 1955
School district Valley Stream Central High School District
Principal Maureen Henry
Vice principal Kara Jacobson
Jacqueline Allen
Grades 712
Gender Coeducational
Enrolment ~1,350
School color(s) Red and White
Mascot Falco the Falcon
Team name The Falcons
Magnet School No
Year-round schedule No

Valley Stream South High School (VSSHS) is a combined public junior and senior high school located in the hamlet of South Valley Stream, New York in southwest Nassau County on Long Island. The school was established in 1955.[1]

The high school is one of three high schools in the Valley Stream Central High School District as well as one of two combined junior-senior high schools which educate grades seventh through twelfth. Students who attend Valley Stream South High School are mainly graduates of the local South Valley Stream elementary schools, including William L. Buck Elementary School, Brooklyn Avenue Elementary School, Forest Road Elementary School, and Robert W. Carbonaro Elementary School which is approximately 600 feet to the junior-senior high school complex. Valley Stream South High School is known to the local population simply as "South".

Valley Stream North High School was built at the same time as Valley Stream South High School. Both schools were originally quite similar in architecture and were arch rivals with regard to sporting events. During the 2007–2008 school year South's athletics division was changed to Division 3 due to the size of the student body. The school is composed of three floors and was originally designed in the shape of a cube with a landscaped courtyard in the center.

Approximately 1,350 students attend VSSHS. The school's official colors are red, white, and gray. The school's mascot is the falcon.

School Ethnicity[edit]

Valley Stream South is one of the most diverse high schools in New York according to Niche, ranking 13th most diverse in the state, and 3rd most diverse outside of New York City.

  • White/Non-Hispanic = 33% of Students
  • Hispanic = 26% of Students
  • Black/Non-Hispanic = 22% of Students
  • Asian/Pacific Islander = 19% of Students

Newsweek Rankings[edit]

South was ranked as one of the top high schools in the country according to Newsweek Magazine. Ever since Newsweek has started ranking high schools in 1999, South has ranked as one of the top 300 public high schools in America, until 2012, as well as one of the top 25 public high schools on Long Island.[2] [3] In April 2014, Valley Stream South was ranked as the 16th best public high school on Long Island, but did not make the top 500 best high schools in America according to Newsweek. [4] [5]

South was ranked, according to Newsweek:

  • 41st best high school in America in 1999
  • 33rd best high school in America in 2000
  • 152nd best high school in America in 2005
  • 264th best high school in America in 2006
  • 294th best high school in America in 2007
  • 299th best high school in America in 2010
  • 333rd best high school in America in 2012
  • 400th best high school in America in 2013
  • Not Ranked as a best high school in America in 2014

The Falcon Report[edit]

The Falcon Report began broadcasting on November 22, 2002 as a 7–10 minute student-made weekly TV news report shown school-wide on Fridays at 8:28 during homeroom period. All activity at South comes to a halt during the broadcast as all students and faculty watch the show. Full-footage news coverage is provided on 4–7 different issues that were prominent in the mainstream news that week. Other elements typically shown are a student-made commercial, a weather report, and a sports segment. Topics frequently covered include school events, recent trips, innovative projects in various classes, and unique happenings at the school. Taping of the show is typically done on a Thursday after the completion of the school day and lasts late into that evening. The logo of the program is the symbol and mascot of Valley Stream South High School, a red falcon. The club is advised by Mr. Ross Lipsky, a math teacher at South High School. Many Falcon Report alumni have gone on to study in communications or other related fields in college.[citation needed]

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