Valley of the Dragons (1961 film)

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Valley of the Dragons
Valley of the dragons poster.jpg
Theatrical Poster.
Directed by Edward Bernds
Produced by Byron Roberts and Al Zimbalist
Written by Edward Bernds and Donald Zimbalist, based on Jules Verne's Off on a Comet
Starring Cesare Danova, Sean McClory, Joan Staley and Danielle De Metz
Music by Ruby Raskin
Cinematography Brydon Baker
Edited by Edwin H. Bryant
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates
  • November 1961 (1961-11)
Running time
82 minutes
Language English

Valley of the Dragons (UK title: Prehistoric Valley) is a black and white 1961 science fiction film loosely based on Jules Verne's Off on a Comet and heavily dependent on stock footage from the movies One Million B.C., Cat-Women of the Moon and Rodan.


Two men preparing for duel in 1881 Algiers, American Michael Denning and Frenchman Hector Servadac, are swept from the face of the Earth by a passing comet and find themselves on another world with cavemen and prehistoric animals. They try to find a way back to Earth. (Servadac is the only one of 36 characters retained from the original novel.)

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