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Valtra T170 tractor

Valtra is a Finnish based manufacturer of tractors owned by the AGCO Corporation.


Valtra traces its origin to Valmet, Bolinder, Munktell and Volvo. Bolinder-Munktell merged with Volvo in 1950 to form BM Volvo. In 1979, BM Volvo/Volvo BM and Valmet formed a joint venture for tractor manufacturing, and the tractors were labelled Volvo BM Valmet. The name was shortened to just Valmet, after Volvo sold their share of the tractor operation to Valmet. In 2001 Partek purchased Valmet, and the tractors were renamed Valtra-Valmet, and later that was shortened to just Valtra. In 2002, Partek was purchased by the KONE Corporation, and Valtra was put up for sale. AGCO purchased the tractor business in 2004.[1]

Valtra has factories in Finland and Brazil, with significant presences both places. Valtra licensed Eicher of India to build tractors under the Eicher Valtra and Euro Power brands. The Harkovsky Tractor Works (HTZ) of Ukraine signed a letter of intent with Valtra in 1998 for cooperation of some sort. The Hattat Company in Turkey began assembling Valtras in 2003.[2]


One defining feature of the Valtra N-, S- and T-series (and other earlier mid- and high-end series) is the optional TwinTrac revers-drive system. Then the seat can be turned through 180 degrees to meet a second set of foot pedals and a smaller steering wheel placed at the rear of the cab. This allows the operator to drive the tractor backwards and use rear mounted implements more efficiently.

Valtra series being made today:

  • Valtra S-series (270-370 hp) 2nd generation (production start sometime in 2009)
  • Valtra T-series (139-211 hp)
  • Valtra N-series (88-160 hp)
  • Valtra A-series (74-98 hp)
  • Valtra 3000-series (52-76 hp)

A different set of models are produced in Brazil:

  • Valtra BL (65-95 cv)
  • Valtra BM (100-125 cv)
  • Valtra BH (145-205 cv)
  • Valtra BT (150-210 cv) with higher end technology compared to BH line
  • Valtra BC (Harvesters)
  • Valtra BS (Sprayers)

Valtra is also the only tractor manufacturer in the world to offer an a la carte option meaning you can choose cab, color and various other options. See here older models Valmet tractor

A special series made in Argentina since 2014

  • Valtra AR (140-210 cv) [3]


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