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A valve is a device that regulates the flow of fluids. Types of such valves include:

  • Piston valve, a part in many brass instruments, used to control notes.
  • Poppet valve, a valve consisting of a hole and a tapered plug on the end of a shaft, typically used in instruments, engines, etc.
  • Heart valve, valves in the heart that maintain the unidirectional flow of blood
  • Vein valve, valves in veins and other fluid cords in body
  • See also Valve types

Valve may also refer to:

  • Vacuum tube, also called "thermionic valve", an electronic component
  • Valve Corporation, a computer game software company known for their best-selling Half-Life games
  • Valve hall, a building which contains the valves of the static inverters of a high-voltage direct current plant
  • Valve Records, an Australian record label
  • Valve, a paired clasping process on the genitalia of male moths
  • Valve (mollusc), the shell of a mollusc
  • Valve (botany), part produced by the splitting of a capsule or pod when ripe