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Vamoose Bus
Vamoose Bus Logo.png
Founded 2004
Headquarters 360 7th Avenue - 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
Service area New York City
Bethesda, Maryland
Arlington, Virginia (Rosslyn)
Lorton, VA
Service type Intercity Coach
Operator DC Trails, Inc.

Vamoose Bus is a privately owned intercity bus line located in New York City. It provides daily transportation between New York City and three suburban cities in the Washington, DC metro area.

Route and stop locations[edit]

The New York City pickup and drop-off stop is located in Midtown Manhattan near Penn Station/Madison Square Garden. The Washington, DC metro area stops are located in Bethesda, MD; Arlington, VA (Rosslyn area) and Lorton, VA. The Lorton route was initiated in January 2011.[1]

City Bus Stop Location Closest Metro/Rail Service
New York City West 30th Street and 7th Avenue Penn Station: 1 2 3 A C E Subway trains. NJ Transit, Long Island Railroad, Amtrak & New York Airport Service.
Herald Square Station: B D F M N Q R Subway trains. Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH).
Bethesda, MD 7401 Waverly Street Bethesda Station: Red Line.
Arlington, VA 1801 N Lynn Street Rosslyn Station: Blue, Orange and Silver Lines.
Lorton, VA 8990 Lorton Station Boulevard Lorton VRE Station: VRE Fredericksburg Line.

Service overview[edit]

The price for a seat on the Vamoose Bus starts at $20. In 2010, Vamoose added a new luxury service called the "Gold Bus".[2] The gold bus primarily targets business travelers willing to pay a premium for first-class services i.e. wide leather seats, more legroom, fewer passengers per bus etc. The fare for a seat on the Gold Bus starts at $60.

Tickets must be purchased in advance via the website or by telephone. Upon purchase, passengers are given a reservation number and a printable e-ticket which is also sent via email.[3]

Rewards program[edit]

Vamoose maintains a reward program similar to the frequent flyer program offered by many airlines. Vamoose Bus customers enrolled in the program accumulate points corresponding to the amount paid for the seat. Acquired points can be redeemed for free seats on any of the Vamoose Bus schedules.[4]

Legal proceedings[edit]

The buses initially served Tenleytown (near American University) and Downtown Washington, D.C., but in 2006 the company moved the stops outside the District of Columbia, after an injunction was obtained by Washington Deluxe, a competing bus line.[5]

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