Vampire Hunter D: Immortal Island

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D - Immortal Island
Immortal Island (Japanese) Cover.jpg
Cover of the Japanese edition of D - Immortal Island
Author Hideyuki Kikuchi
Original title D-不死者島 (D - Fushisha-shima?)
Illustrator Yoshitaka Amano
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Series Vampire Hunter D Vol. 20
Genre Science fiction, Fantasy, Light novel
Published 2008 (Asahi Shimbun Japan)
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages Japan 276
ISBN Japan ISBN 4-02-265531-3
Preceded by Throng of Heretics

Book description[edit]

The blurb of the book is as follows:

"There was once a laboratory of the Nobility on a lone island, from which white mist poured out, and a nearby fishing village whose citizens would vanish, reduced to servants of the Nobility. The village, Meg, was struck by this tragedy countless times. The town's security officer hired bounty hunters to cross to the solitary island, to investigate and return to the village with news, but the mysterious troupe was soon seized. What's more, the beautiful D has been witnessed on the island. Who on Earth could have hired him, and why is he there? D displays his serene swordsmanship on the Nobility's island in this eagerly anticipated publication."

Plot summary[edit]