Van Buren Street and Central Avenue and Van Buren Street and 1st Avenue (Central Station) (Metro Light Rail station)

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ASU Downtown Campus Station
METRO Light Rail ASU-Downtown Campus Southbound Station.jpg
Southbound platform at Central Station (a.k.a., Van Buren Street and Central Avenue and Van Buren Street and 1st Avenue) during the grand opening, December 27, 2008
Station statistics
Address Central Ave. and Van Buren St., Phoenix AZ
Line(s) METRO Light Rail
Platforms Island platform
Parking no spaces
Other information
Opened Dec. 27, 2008
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Owned by Valley Metro (Phoenix)
Preceding station   Valley Metro   Following station
Metro Light Rail

The METRO Light Rail station which surrounds Downtown Phoenix's Central Station transit hub is not called Central Station but rather Van Buren Street and Central Avenue and Van Buren Street and 1st Avenue (it is also known as the ASU Downtown Campus station). Despite having at least four different names, it is all actually one station, which serves as a stop for various city buses as well as the trolleys.

METRO Light Rail[edit]

Photograph of the northbound platform, located about 400 east of the southbound platform pictured above. Visible in the background is the Westward Ho.

The rail station is the 17th stop westbound and the 12th stop eastbound on the initial line. The station is configured in an island platform design, with the southbound platform which is located on 1st Avenue at Van Buren Street and the northbound platform located on Central Avenue at Van Buren Street, approximately 400 feet apart from one another.


Weekday Rail Passengers[1]
Year In Out Average Daily In Average Daily Out
2009 487,617 484,226 1,920 1,906
2010 722,519 699,623 2,855 2,765

Bus connections[edit]

Normal Bus Routes[edit]

  • 0 (Northbound buses board inside the station, southbound at 1st Avenue & Van Buren)
  • 1 (Both directions board on Van Buren & Central)
  • 3 (Both directions board on Van Buren & Central, the westbound stop is on the south side of the Central Station and is considered by some publications as being at Central Station.)
  • 7 (Both directions board on Van Buren & Central)
  • 8 (Both directions board inside Central Station)
  • 10 (Eastbound boards inside the station, westbound at 1st Avenue & Van Buren)
  • 12 (Boards inside Central Station)
  • 15 (Northbound boards inside the station, southbound on Van Buren at Central)
  • Grand Avenue Limited (Boards inside Central Station)

RAPID Bus Routes[edit]

  • I-17
  • I-10 East
  • SR-51
  • I-10 West

NOTE: Although these routes are listed as stopping at the Central Station, the actual stops for some of the routes are located at various curbs around the station due to construction and ongoing street realignments.

Express Bus Routes[edit]

  • 510
  • 512
  • 520
  • 521
  • 531
  • 532
  • 533
  • 535
  • 540
  • 541
  • 542
  • 560
  • 562
  • 570
  • 571
  • 573
  • 575
  • 581
  • 582
  • 590

Local Area Shuttle[edit]

  • DASH

Other Transit Agencies[edit]

  • Maricopa Xpress (MAX)

Notable Nearby Places[edit]

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Coordinates: 33°27′6″N 112°4′28.50″W / 33.45167°N 112.0745833°W / 33.45167; -112.0745833