Van Riebeeck Medal

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Van Riebeeck Medal
Van Riebeeck Medal.jpg
Awarded by South African Defence Force
Country South Africa
Type Medal
Eligibility Enlisted men
Awarded for Distinguished service in the field
Status Discontinued
Post-nominals VRM
Established 1952
First awarded 1975
Total awarded 5
Next (higher) Honoris Crux
Next (lower) Louw Wepener Medal
Ribbon: 32mm, sky blue with a white centre band

The Van Riebeeck Medal was a South African military decoration that was in use from 1952 to 1975. It was awarded to "other ranks" (enlisted men), for distinguished service in the field. The medal corresponded to the Van Riebeeck Decoration for officers. It was identical in design to the Van Riebeeck decoration, except that it was silver, and the ribbon had a white stripe down the centre.


The decoration is of silver in the shape of a five-pointed star representing in outline the Castle of Good Hope. The suspension consists of a cluster of 8 protea leaves[1]


Jan van Riebeeck is depicted in relief against a background of three rings representing his three ships, with the words UITNEMENDE DIENS * DISTINGUISHED SERVICE in the outer rings.


The Coat of Arms of South Africa, in relief. Specimens struck before 31 May 1961 have Queen Elizabeth II's royal cipher above the coat of arms.


32mm wide, sky blue with a 6mm white center stripe


Medal Number Name Service Rank Unit Date of Award Action cited for
Brewin, K.A SA Navy WO 1 SAS Emily Hobhouse 1972[2] Special Forces operation in Tanzania
Floyd, T.I SA Army WO 2[3] Special Forces 740821[4] Ditto
Conradie, J.L[note 1] SA Army Staff Sergeant Special Forces 740821 Ditto
Moorcroft, J.J SA Army Staff Sergeant,[note 2] Special Forces 740821 Ditto
De Beer D.L SA Army Sergeant[5] Special Forces 741206[6]


  1. ^ Also awarded the Honoris Crux in 1975
  2. ^ Later Sergeant Major of the Army

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