Van Wickle Gates

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Outer view of the Van Wickle Gates. Manning Hall and University Hall can be seen in the background.

The Van Wickle Gates at Brown University are the ornamental entrance to the main campus area at the corners of College Street and Prospect Street in College Hill. The gates were built with donations by Augustus Stout Van Wickle (Class of 1876), who was the president of a bank and several coal corporations. Dedicated on June 18, 1901, the gates stand as a symbol for the campus and its long history. [1]

The gates are made of wrought iron, with brick and stone piers. The larger main gate is flanked by two smaller side gates. The top of the gate is crowned with the Brown University shield. The sides of the gates include inscriptions by Cicero.[1] The side gates remain open throughout the year, while the center gates remain closed except for two occasions each year. At the beginning of the academic year, the center gates open inward to admit students during Convocation. At the end of the second semester, the gates open outward for the Commencement Day procession.

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