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Vance Dickason is a loudspeaker designer, consultant to a wide range of loudspeaker manufacturers, and a published author.

Dickason has been working as a professional in the loudspeaker industry since 1974, when he founded Speaker Research Associates (SRA).[1] He is well known in professional audio and audio hobbyist circles as the author of the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook, which is now in its 7th edition, and Loudspeaker Recipes: Book 1. A contributing author to audioXpress magazine,[2] and for 21 years the editor of Voice Coil, a magazine for the loudspeaker industry, Dickason was awarded by the Audio Engineering Society for his contributions to the audio industry in 1995.[3] Owner of Vance Dickason Consulting, he is frequently booked as a guest lecturer. He has given presentations for ALMA (the Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturers and Acoustics), The Loudspeaker University, the Kenwood Electronics International Installers Conference, and an advanced seminar at AutoSound 2000.[1]

Dickason is the father of two children, Jason and Jennifer.


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